Trouble brewing in chicago!

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by 705red, Jan 22, 2009.

  1. 705red

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    Last week ups sent out letters to all of our retiree's raising their medical coverage from $50 per dependant to $300 per. The problem here is that at no time during negotiations did ups discuss any changes to the retiree medical as in raising the deductible.

    As of today ups has been sent a letter to resolve this within the next 24 hours or teamsters local 705 will be filing a federal lawsuit against ups, a unfair labor practice charge and after the ulp if filed a 72 hour notice to strike will be sent to ups. Its quite possible that a work stoppage would happen in chicago as early as the middle of next week.

    I just do not understand how atlanta allows these issues here in chicago to get to this point. Labor here just shows a total disregard for the contract and more importantly the retirees who have served this company for enough years to be able to retire.

    Now they expect a retiree whos pension is lets say $3,000 a month and who has himself and wife with one child covered to fork out $900. Thats a third of his pension on an already fixed income!

    Way to take care of your people ups! Please show some respect for the past employees, or its quite possible us current employees will have to earn that respect for them!
  2. backinbrown

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    Wow good luck stay strong in numbers keep us up to date
  3. MonavieLeaker

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    Not shocking in the least
  4. brownmonster

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    Why do we need a Union....the Company looks out for our well being.
  5. scratch

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    We have to pay $200 apiece at age 55 for retiree health insurance in good old Central States land. I wish it was $50 apiece, I could retire earlier. $300 is too high.
  6. stringerman85

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    Jesus, everything is expensive in chicago..........
  7. rod

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    I've said it before-- it depends on which local you retire out of. I'm covered under Central States and it cost me $100 a month (not each) for both the wife and me. (knock on wood)
  8. New Englander

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    Go ahead.....start the strike rumors again in this economy. Thats a good move for the rest of us. Join the national and maybe I'd feel a bit more sad for you.
  9. retired2000

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    as i have said in othe rposts last aug. here in upstate ny we were told we had to pay 890 a quarter for our helath ins. (for 2 people) this month we were told it is up to 1,079. they are just trying to get all the retirees to leave the ups ins and get thier own.
  10. Hangingon

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    Ours is close to 500 a person per month if you retire before 55. I thought the locals covered their own retirees?
  11. wyobill

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    I still pay $50.00 a month and that covers myself, wife and son who is in college. This is thru UPS not Central States. Knock on wood :happy2:
    Im on the Wyoming Montana border. Drivers in Montana (Billings, Bozeman)
    area get no health Ins. Like Rod says it depends on your local.
  12. over9five

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    Trouble brewing in Chicago?

    I got this deja vu feeling, heard it before.

    No strike that time, just a lot of talk. Don't worry, Red, nothing will come of this.
  13. ih8tbrn

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    Maybe they should all just hold their breath till they turn blue. That'll show corporate who's really running the show.
  14. BrownSuit

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    Is there ever a time when there isn't trouble in Chicago?

    Okay, I don't agree with increasing any costs to employees or retirees during these difficult times, but let me get this straight

    Last Week - They sent out letters
    Today - You sent a letter requesting an immediate response
    Next Week - You are taking a strike authorization if you don't have a response

    So I'm lost, how is Atlanta letting issues get to this point? They just sent out a letter, isn't it the 705 that's taking this out of context and control? Who is opening their mail and a week later threatening to strike?

    Red, I have a feeling if they took away a ply of your toilet paper you'd threaten to strike.

    What was the time frame on the change in benefits? That's the same time frame that you have to give the company, It has to be tit-for-tat as far as the time allowed for response goes.
  15. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Public sentiment would not support a strike in response to an issue affecting current employees--can you imagine the response a work stoppage for an issue affecting retirees would receive? Especially when there are retirees who are having to choose between medicine, food and heat. I do agree that a premium increase such as you have described is unfair but at least our retirees have access to quality health care, have a strong pension, and for the most part are enjoying a secure retirement.

    Has any thought been given to an informational picket?
  16. chopstic

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    definitly have to agree here. Maybe its a bit of an overreaction from the 705... you have to remember that those of us still working and supporting our families also need money, and we wont be able to pay our bills or feed our children if we are on strike.
  17. barnyard

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    In these economic times, a strike would possibly the dumbest thing any union could do. Not only would it be a public relations disaster, but in tight times, it would be handing business to the competition.

    I am glad that I am not a 705 member.....


    HEFFERNAN Huge Member

    Can't you all see the handwriting on the wall !!!!!!!!

    UPS has the unions by the balls and we don't have a choice anymore. UPS is smart and has a gameplan to destroy the unions. The union has given up so much control, drivers can get fired for just about anything now. You have to give UPS credit, I never thought I'd see the day they would rip us apart.
  19. UPSNewbie

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    If they did that, he'd be using his left hand at UPS.

    Good luck, red.
  20. kingOFchester

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    Evidently, UPS is worried about Obama and the card check program. They have started to meet with part time supes to convince them not to go union if Obama gets his way. Anyone hear of this?