Trouble in O-BOMB-A Land

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Dec 5, 2009.

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    Even Streisand is starting to crack!

    Hey Babs, take heart dear girl as O-Bomb-A has found friends from an old tried and true source. To quote:

    Babs sweetie, you never realized when O-Bomb-A said change, he never specified how nor that you had neo-con support for your President. But look at the bright side, true loyal republicans should be following the party's real leadership and giving full support for your President in this time of war. Remember, they set the rules back in the day that you couldn't question or challenge the President's policy in time of war so I'm certain the true patriotic folk they are, they'll remember to follow that precept.


    And the difference between republicans and democrats is?

    George, show em how much you love em!

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    Babs is one of my least favorite people. Did you know that when she vacationed in the Santa Barbara area when she went to the pool area of a fancy resort hotel, she asked staff to have other guests lower their eyes and not look at her?

    If I was a guest at that hotel I would stare her ass back to her room with jimmy!!!!!!!! :angry: