Truck cleaning.

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    I work the local sort, I was told by my supervisor that he wants me to start sweeping out a couple of trucks free from dirt and debris every night. As if I don't have enough to worry about helping with airs parking and unloading trucks. This dirt is caked in from these rural routs to the point where I need a mask. I asked him why the lady who cleans the trucks doesn't do it, he said "it's not part of her contract." Do I have to do this?
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    Work as directed.

    But don't look at it as HAVE TO DO IT.

    Look at it as GET TO DO IT.

    More time on the clock equals bigger paychecks and pension hours.
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    Are you talking about package cars? If so, you posted this in the wrong thread and, yes, you have to do it.

    Please make sure to leave a mint on my seat after you are done.