True Story, lol!

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    A U.P.S. driver in my District delivered to a Construction Site on a regular basis. At this construction site there was a port-let. One particular day he just had to go to the restroom. I think it was a bad batch of chicken wings the previous day. Anyway while sitting in this port-let and contemplating the worlds issues. The port-let began to rock back and forth until it completely tipped over. In which, this Driver was covered with everyone else's contemplation that day, so to speak. So, what does this driver do? Instead of contacting his center to have them come and get the truck while his wife picks him up to go home for the day. He decides to go to a fellow drivers house to get cleaned up and borrow one of this drivers uniforms. The only problem was that the driver with the remnants of the port-let all over him was about 6 foot 2 and 230 lbs. The driver that he borrowed the Uniform from was about 5 foot 7 and wet probably weighed about 145 lbs. So, the port-let driver begs his friend not to say anything to anyone because his plan was to finish his route and sneak home before anyone could see him. His friend says, "sure no worries" and the port-let driver drives on to finish his day. As soon as the driver left his friends house. The friend called every driver he could think of, mgmt, sales staff and i think he even called CNN. Anyway here comes the driver into the hub. Much to his surprise is about 40 U.P.S. employees lined up to view the carnage. He gets out of his truck and looks like one of the village people with his shorts so tight that he had to get a rope to keep them from falling down and his shirt looked like 10 pounds of potatoes in a five pound bag! The onlookers laughed so hard that at least half of them fell to the ground laughing uncontrollable. The next day the driver goes back to the construction site. He is approached by 3 construction workers who proceed to apologize for yesterday's event. It turns out that their foreman would go to the port-let at the same time every day and it just so happens the driver was in the port-let at the same time the construction workers were trying to carry out their devious plan. Talk about being at the wrong place at the wrong time! lol