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    So last week was really bad. After our DM said that instead of picking up 6 million pkgs on July 3rd, we picked up only 1 million, they decided to cut our building down from 17 routes to only 11 for 3 days. One of those days it was my route that was cut, and it put a tremendous strain on the other drivers in my area. But lo and behold, the day after my route was cut they decided to put my route back in and decided i should have a 12 hour day. Well i wasn't having it. I get there about an hour before start time normally, and go through my truck setting it up stop for stop and pre-recording everything. This normally turns a 9 hour day into about a 7 hour day. Well they notice this and the day they decided to turn my day into 12 hours they figured i could do it in 9.5-10 hours. So after i go through my truck they start putting all these packages behind my car around 30 minutes before start time. I see this so i get out of my truck polish my shoes, use the restroom go to the store up the road to get water and get back around 15 minutes before start time. Then the BS started. My supervisor had the audacity to ask me "Aren't you going to load those packages?" He could tell i was pretty P.O.'d too. I told him "My time on the clock is in 15 minutes, maybe if you wouldn't have sent my preloader home they would be in my truck." And he replies "So you want to be a little Cupcake? Well i can be a bigger cupcake, and for longer too." So i calmly went to the locker room grabbed a grievance form and put it in my pocket. Went into my truck, still not loading anything, and just sat there talking to the other drivers around me. Everytime my supervisor would come next to me. I would nonchalantly finger the grievance form in my pocket. Well everything was fine after that they took some of the work back off me leaving me with and actual 9.5 hour day. I can tell my management team is still grumbling about my refusal to work off the clock, and i heard from other drivers that my center manager and on-road were talking about it later. Well the other day i got a complaint from a customer that i delivered her pkg to her daughter next door instead of her. Well, it was signature required and unless she didn't want her medication that was to be RTS'd after first delivery attempt per shippers request, it was going to be delivered to her daughter. My center manager came to me and said "I will have your job." I said "O really, Article 36 says that's a threat and harassment so maybe i will have to do something with this paper in my pocket" (I still elected to keep a grievance form in my pocket at all times). And he tells me, " Well that's not needed, why did you have that complaint?" So i tell him and he says "O well that's perfectly acceptable."

    So the moral of the story is: Management won't mess with you if you keep a grievance form in your pocket.
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    So the moral of the story is: If you normally violate the Contract by working off the clock (and consequently falsify records), Management will come to expect it and be very upset when you suddenly don't.
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    i don't find it to be falsifying records i just don't want to spend all day going through my truck trying to find things and ending up 30 miles away and finding a package i have to backtrack for. I do this for myself not for my supervisors to find it convenient, I have places to go, and people to see when i get off at night, and no one is going to stop me from having a normal job.UPS has it's way of doing things as do i. If they want to increase my workload and prevent me from doing the things i want to do, then they will have to pay dearly for it.
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    WHY would you ever work off the clock ??????you are taking work away from the pre loaded
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    O.M.G.You must be a real "runner",I suppose you are a steward also? WHY WOULD YOU EVER WORK OFF THE CLOCK?????????? UNBELIEVABLE
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    You are entirely responsible for this situation.

    You are falsifying records, whether you choose to "see" it that way or not.

    You cannot violate the contract by working off of the clock and then turn around and wave that same contract in your managements face every time they piss you off.

    The reason they sent your preloader home is because you are willing to do his work for free.

    The reason they give you a 12 hr day and expect you to do it in 9.5 is because you are willing to work off of the clock to make that possible.

    Working before start time and skipped lunches are like heroin to management. One is too many and a thousand will never be enough. They are hooked on your free labor and the addiction will continue as long as you continue to enable it. Like any addict, they will get pissy and whiny whenever you threaten to cut them off from their habit.

    If you loan a heroin addict $ have no right to get angry when he buys more heroin with that money instead of paying you back. You should have known better.
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    So the moral of the story is: Management won't mess with you if you keep a grievance form in your pocket.[/QUOTE]

    That would not even fly at my hub, driver or not. Management would say "Bring it on".
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    The bottom line here is that you worked off the clock and falsified records. My advice is stay away from the truck from now on and don't touch any packages until after start time. And don't falsify anything again. You get paid (very well) by the hour to do an easy job. Why would you work for free? By doctoring your load each morning you are reducing your paid day and therefore bringing the extra work on yourself.
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    better read the rest of the book. :happy-very:
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    i agree with everybody else, you are stealing from the preloader and you are working off the clock which is just plain stupid

    and also, i dont know how it is over there, but over here threatening management with a grievance is like pointing a BB gun at a bear
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    i dont get this "setting up the load" either.

    when i cover routes where the driver starts at his start time; the pre-loader has learned how to load the car and does a 'functional' job at it. load will not be perfect but good enough.

    when the route i cover has the driver 30-45 minutes early loading every day; i get there at the start time with packages thrown all over the slide, floor, cab, shelfs in no particular order. i spend the same 45+ minutes loading on the clock monday. the rest of the week the load gets better and better, usually by friday it is "good enough"

    basically i say tough it out and complain until the pre-loader can do his job, so you can do yours!

    regardless i have never sorted off the clock, never will, and if you do you are really screwing your cover driver, pre-loader, and everyone on layoff/unemployed.
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    That would not even fly at my hub, driver or not. Management would say "Bring it on".[/QUOTE]
    At my hub ,they would use it to clean the crap off the floor after you soil yourself when they fire you.
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    EVERY driver in our building actually shows up 15min early to go through their trucks before start time. I know, it blows many of your minds away. It's just many of our preloaders are inexperienced so we try to help them out a little bit. They're also overworked because we're only manned for something like 250 trucks and have 300 on the line.

    I don't mind setting up my stops early. It means I can go through my truck peacefully without management going, 'get out now!' They don't expect me to go through it but I don't think they mind either. Even our union stewards don't say anything about it. It allows me to bulk my ground with my air so my 9.5 hour day is 8.5 and management usually leaves me alone if I finish up early since my run's fairly busy and nobody else wants it :D

    Also, how is prerecording falsifying records? Sorry, not trying to be a troll I just don't understand since UPS was the one who put 'prerecord' on our DIADs?
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    //They're also overworked because we're only manned for something like 250 trucks and have 300 on the line. //

    come on; they are 15% understaffed and you come in to "help" the loaders off the clock? help? you are helping the company lay-off and not hire the additional people they should so you and the other drivers dont 'have' to come in and work for free 1.5+ hours a week
  16. Overpaid Union Thug

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    Coming in and setting up your stops should be stopped immediately. Its just plain stupid. Where are the stewards while this is going on????
  17. Dragon

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    Theichii, please please come to my building. You can sit at my desk and write out your grievance. I will even have a shop steward available for you the minute you are on the clock......we will then meet on your grievance right there and work out a solution.....we will then meet on my issue.....I will then ask you for your ID and escort your sorry butt out the building in front of everyone. If you have not figured out by now why you are discharged you are dumber than you sound. Good luck on getting your job back..........after a few months(cause that's how long I will drag it out) I will give you your job back with no back pay and you will take it and like it.

    So cut the crap, quit being a sniveling little f*() and do the job.

    No one on BC has :censored2: me off more than you with that BS post. If you expected sympathy,you came to the wrong place buddy.
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    The moral of the story is you do not decide what parts of the contract that you will honor. You either honor the whole contract on none of it. If you were on my dock I promise you that you would not be on the dock taking money away from the preloaders.

    If you still have that grievance form why not file for your guarantee for the day your route was busted and you were sent home?

    Did you massage the packages that went on the other trucks?

    Your a huge part of the problem! Routes are busted easier when you have drivers that will work for free cutting there on road time down. Of course the company will put more work on you.

    When a driver complains to me that he has to much work, I tell them to take their lunch! Not today because your upset, everyday!
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    I usually take a look at the first five stops before I close the doors. If I can't find them, I may look around until they are located. Usually, that takes 30 seconds. My loader isn't much to brag about. There isn't much remedial training given to them, so I accept his shortcomings. I still manage to run under allowed almost every day. The value of looking at every package in the car before leaving the building is very overrated. It's just a waste of time. Let the loader do everything he can, and take it from there after start time.
  20. bubsdad

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    Do you realize that 1 hour of overtime per day adds up to over $10,500 per year? Think your pre-loader would like to make that kind of money? It's insane to work off the clock at the beginning of your day so you can shorten the end of your day. You're still working the same amount of hours for less pay.