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    On 8-14-14 I told my sup to put me on the 9.5 list, as of today 8-19-14 I'm still not on it because she says she's not sure how to do it. Once she figures it out does my start date on the 9.5 get retroed to the date I requested to be on it? How long do you all think I should wait before going to my union rep?
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    If you continue asking politely, you'll be on the 9.5 list in no-time!
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    Actually with the new contract in many places all you're supposed to have to do is inform them "I'd like to be on the 9.5 list". With that said talk to your steward. File a grievance stating that you'd like to go on the 9.5 list.
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    Of course, a company should never violate the contract or contractual rights of an employee.

    We work for UPS.
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    Why doesn't she ask a man?
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    Have you been over 9.5 three days in a week?? Why wouldn't you grab a steward and go to your center manager directly?

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  7. At my center once you file your first 9.5 you are on the list.

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    I finally joined the 9.5 club a couple weeks ago and it was simple. Just make sure your house is in order before opting in.
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    Unless I hold the sups hand and follow them and watch them do whatever I have asked, I just assume it isn't going to get done.
  10. barnyard

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    Where I am at, you have to grieve for working more than 3-9.5s in a week. Once on the list, you are on it for 6 months and have to grieve to get on it again.
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    get your Union Steward to give you the Union form you have to fill out and sign stating you want on the Opt in List. After the PCM have your steward go with you and present this to the center manager. He'll sign off ,and a copy will be faxed to teh hall.
    Your center manager will probably try to intimidate you,so be bloody certain you do the job by the book. dont leave them something to hit you with!
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    5 months here
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    Geeze people read the contract

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