TSG Layoffs Imminent ??

Discussion in 'UPS Information Technology' started by Stoolbend, Jan 5, 2010.

  1. Stoolbend

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    Long time lurker. Lots of rumor mongering going on right now in TSG. Sounds as though layoffs are immenant with an announcement coming as soon as a couple weeks. Once again no one "knows" anything and it's probably speculations and half truths. Anyone heard anything similar??
  2. randomUPSISer

    randomUPSISer New Member

    Havent heard anything personally. Of course, that doesnt really mean much.

    Is this a district TSG rumor, or a 20/29 TSG rumor?

    In so far as layoffs, it wouldn't really surprise me. I fully expect more layoffs in IT this year.
  3. TSGYo

    TSGYo New Member

    I would say what happen today, a lot of IE,TSG and management could be forced out of the company. It's pretty clear in the PDF attachment on upsers.com. You say were doing this for our customers? How about switching to non-union and pass on a discount to our customers so you can compete with Federal Express. PNTSG
  4. JustAnotherITGuy

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    I get the impression we are moving to a Region based TSG and IE presence instead of District based so a lot of management consolidation going to hit hard.
  5. Mr Jingles

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    My take away was that IE will still be district based but Plant Engineering and Automotive Engineering will be Region based.

    TSG has been downsized heavily over the last few years.
  6. Dedicated_IT

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    I, for one, do look forward to the changes, but I'm still not certain if I may be impacted. I love this company and want to work towards a profitable future, but am scared about the outlook.

    Based on what I've heard that transpired during the 2008 consolidations, the departments that were affected were in accounting/finance, IE, BD, and Staff. For IE, PE, and BD, the department management was shuffled but I do not recall hearing management being eliminated( but this may change this time). Regarding staff level management, they were either moved into other positions or forced out the door with no send-off party. Finally, various administrative admin positions along with the finance clerks (non-management) were also pushed out.

    If history repeats itself, then finance departments will be overlapping since several districts are consolidating into one. Furthermore, there will no longer be as many administrative positions needed. (No longer needing as many PE, TSG, BD, and other Admins)

    Of the ~700 supervisory, technical, and admin jobs that are slated to be cut, how many include TSG? Unknown... In several areas, TSG is spread extremely thin, being hundreds of miles apart. If some centers are closing/consolidating, could technicians be downsized? Yes--certainly. Could technicians be downsized after all of the accounting/Finance/PE/security jobs are eliminated--yes.

    I also forgot to mention who can also be affected: CTSS and the formerly PSI (customer automation) departments since there are new marketing teams being formed. There's a lot open here for speculation.

    Question for anyone who can answer: In the meetings, was there any mention of IS (& ICS) in Mahwah, Paramus, Morristown, and Atlanta or CTSG? How about NOC?

  7. randomUPSISer

    randomUPSISer New Member

    Yes, these were "mentioned". "Information Services (I.S.) will not be affected by the EBO or RR/DD consolidation"

    Thats it really.
  8. Dedicated_IT

    Dedicated_IT New Member

    Agreed regarding the downsizing. I saw our district's TSG department go to almost 1/3 after the Technician layoffs a few years back.

    In the PowerPoint talking notes presented today, it stated that Plant Engineering, Automotive, Security, and TSG will support the new districts, but will report to the regions. Also--the power point presentation had an illustration that showed "Engineering" reporting to the DM. I'm therefore left to assume that this means IE since there are only two engineering departments that I can think of.
  9. brownhornet07

    brownhornet07 New Member

    and they escape...AGAIN....and Ramsey I'm assuming doesn't count anymore
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  10. whiskeyagogo

    whiskeyagogo Member

    Just because IS didn't get mentioned in this announcement doesn't mean much. There may well be another round of layoffs. When last year's layoffs happened, there was no company wide announcement like yesterday, so I wouldn't expect a company wide announcement for just IS this year.

    Last summer's announcements repeatedly referred to 'this round of separations' and 'future separations'. They certainly left the door open for 2010.
  11. Red Rose Tea

    Red Rose Tea Chihuahuas Rule!

    I work in a large center (70 full-time drivers), which is staffed with 1 part-time sup, 2 full-time hourly admins, 2 part-time hourly admins... Do you think this consolidation could affect any of us? And if so, how would the job eliminations be determined?
  12. randomUPSISer

    randomUPSISer New Member

    "Escape... AGAIN"? You've GOT to be kidding me. Did you not notice the rash of layoffs over the summer of 2009 in I.S.? Did you not notice the move towards "Global Development"?

    I.S. wasnt included in this announcement, but they are being affected by other things NOT announced.
  13. pickup

    pickup Well-Known Member

    What does TSG stand for ? Tough Sh-t Guys?
  14. upsmanclt

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    And change the name of the company to DHL?
  15. whiskeyagogo

    whiskeyagogo Member

    Good point. That global development is sucking jobs out of IS daily with no end in sight.
  16. JustAnotherITGuy

    JustAnotherITGuy New Member

    I'm still seeing people going out the door. The "summer of 2009" layoffs are still going on. They are just more quiet so no one panicked during peak.

    They will probably keep us through all the system changes needed for the consolidation and then it is GD time.
  17. TravelAgent

    TravelAgent New Member

    Has anyone heard of IT being offered an ERO or EBO? The layoffs this summer did not continue into December as was hinted at so I'm wondering if there is a Early Retirement Offer coming in the next few months but wanted to see if anyone had heard of any hints to this effect.
  18. randomUPSISer

    randomUPSISer New Member

    I doubt it. We are seeing 1 unit people leave UPS I.S. in rapid numbers on their own.

    As more and more 1 unit I.S.'ers leave, it negates the need to have as much I.S. management. We now have Division managers with single digits under them. Project leaders with 3 people under them. I expect we will see alot of 2 unit and option level demotions in UPS I.S. this year. Perhaps project leaders will go back to coding or business analyst? Project managers demoted to Project leaders? Perhaps even a flattening of the I.S. organization as a whole similar to whats going on in the RR/DD's?

    "Too many chiefs, not enough Indians" was already a problem in I.S. It becomes even more so when Indian numbers drop but not chiefs! SOMETHING will have to give if the Indian shedding doesn't stop soon.

    EVERYONE in I.S. should at the very least update their resume... Just in case.
  19. brownhornet07

    brownhornet07 New Member

    I was referring specifically to the untouchable Ramsey building...where people just leave instead of being laid off. and yes, I noticed the impact of Globalization last summer..but meanwhile..the Ramsey building still exists...people leave through attrition, not layoffs. Wondering why they haven't shut down a building that's leased, and disburse them to the other remaining IT buildings.
  20. whiskeyagogo

    whiskeyagogo Member

    UPS just leased a building in Wayne to replace the leased Morristown building. You have to put people somewhere or get rid of them.