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  1. BlankRegrets

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    Hello everyone, i recently started working as a preloader and was wondering when does one qualify for the tuition reimbursement benefit.Is it after the 30days or right off the bat?
  2. Turdferguson

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    I don't think you get reimbursed until after the semester is over.
  3. BlankRegrets

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    well the thing is, when i went onto upsers to set it up, it said my id# wasn't eligible.
  4. UpstateNYUPSer

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    You are putting the cart before the horse. You need to make sure that your hub/center participates in the tuition reimbursement program. If they do, you then need to make sure that you course of study qualifies for reimbursement. If it does, you would pay for the courses upfront and then submit your grades for reimbursement.
  5. mohl_monster

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    The way it works is you log onto UPSers and file a request for reimbursement. After the semester is over, you will receive a check for the amount that was accepted, as long as you pass all your classes. You are eligible immediately and the coverage is pro-rated, so even if you start working part way through the semester you are good. I can't exactly remember how to create username, password, etc. for, so that will be a question for your boss/HR person.

    I wouldn't recommend taking more than three classes!
  6. David830

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    Following on BlankRegrets post, my hiring manager said the course must begin before the 30-day new-hire qualifying period ends (e.g., if the new-hire starts on July 1st, and the course starts August 2nd, then the new-hire does not qualify for TAP). Is this true? It doesn't make sense to deny TAP for a course that the employee starts after working for 30 days.

    Thanks in advance for any guidance.
  7. silenze

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    No thats wrong. But there is a strict timeline for applying for reimbursement. Most of us are full-time and don't have access to the part-time educational information