Tune off, turn off, drop out

Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by l22, Mar 19, 2015.

  1. l22

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    Does anyone else like to do this while they're in the station? I feel like the worst part of being a courier is just being in the station before and after being on-road and it's not even that long lol. The AM sort is the worst time to be in the station I feel, but PM isn't much better - although it is shorter most of the time. I love just being on the road.
  2. TerryFXHD

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    I have the opposite experience. My ISP has 6 HD routes. We are a very close group. We have a blast during the sort and almost never stop laughing. The package handlers are good guys too, and they are treated the same. We all work as a team and balance each other out if someone gets an unusual high stop count or a big bulk. But then my overall Ground experience is nothing like what you read on here. Our guys are neat, clean, and in proper uniform. We care about our job and take good care of our ISP. Some of our trucks have some serious mileage on them and a few years, but they are kept up on safety and cosmetics. Not all Ground drivers fit into the box folks on here try to put us in.
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  3. Cactus

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    Such an atmosphere has a limited lifespan. With Ground especially things will go downhill. Just the way Fred wants it. Don't trust him to make your workplace a good one.
  4. Express Courier

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    I agree the sort sucks but it's better than walking into a pile of freight in your truck.
  5. l22

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    haha I feel like I'd prefer just walking into a pile of freight in my truck and going on the road. ideally, coming in, doing a pickup route then punching out right after ending on-road would be ideal