Twin Hill uniforms causing hives

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    tl, dr:D
    I started breaking out in hives when UPS switched to the Twin HIll uniforms. After 5 years of thinking that it was a problem with me I discovered that Twin Hill is being sued by the employees of Alaska Airlines for the same problem that I am having. Take a look at the pics and links. If you are having unidentified skin issues then read the rest of this post and bring it up to HR right away.
    tl, dr

    In the winter of '08-'09, when UPS switched to the Twin Hill uniforms I started to break out in hives all over my body. Like the loyal company man that I am I waited till the end of peak season to see a doctor (how many of you have been asked to hold that shoulder surgery off until after peak). After 3 different specialists with different diagnoses ranging from polyester allergies to "try a different soap" and even "I don't know, it must be stress" I started to think that it may be the uniform.

    I scheduled an appointment to get a patch test done with the uniform and told management what I was doing and that I might be having a reaction to the uniform. In a meeting with a shop steward and a center manager I was threatened. The manager said "If you can't wear the uniform then maybe you need to find another job". I told him to slow down; I hadn't even had the test yet. I just wanted to keep management up to date.

    It was a bone-headed move on my part but because we have such a hard time getting new uniform parts I had one of my old beat-up Riverside uniforms tested instead of the Twin Hill uni. It came back inconclusive so I just dropped it and assumed it was my own problem to deal with.

    For the past 5 years I have been trying everything that I can to get some relief. I have gone through 6 rounds of Prednisone and regularly use a topical steroid. These drugs both have dangerous effects when used regularly. Nothing has worked and 2 weeks ago my wife, on a hunch, googled "Twin Hill allergies" finding multiple articles referring to the fact that Twin Hill is involved in a class action law suit on behalf of the employees of Alaskan Airlines. up to a quarter of their work force is suffering from symptoms that are identical to mine.

    I got a hold of the regional HR manager and raised a big stink. I started the ball rolling on an ADA claim as well as a workman's Comp claim and they immediately dug up some old Riverside uniforms for me to wear. After just 5 days of wearing an American made uniform the difference is amazing.
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    It's good to know that I'm not the only one who has been suffering from skin irritation from Twin Hill uniforms. I haven't experienced hives but I do get occasional rashes and breakouts of pimples on my legs during the summer months. I've always known it was the uniform that was causing these things to happen as I never had these problems with Riverside. Riverside uniforms are much more comfortable and look way more professional in appearance than Twin Hill. It's utterly disgraceful that UPS made such a switch in quality, not to mention going from American-made uniforms to putting us drivers in the public eye wearing poor quality uniforms manufactured in sweat shops overseas.
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    David Abney is the new CEO starting on September, 1st. From what I've heard he worked his way up from being a part-timer to where he is now. Maybe he'd agree about the uniform situation, maybe he couldn't care less but it wouldn't hurt to maybe email him about the issues we've had with Twin Hill since the switch. I googled his email address
  4. I saw your post on the vote no ups Facebook page.
  5. If he knows it makes you itch he's going to start negotiations on a 12 year contract.
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    Thanks for that! I will definitely send him an email
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    I think he will start with a 7 year itch first.
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  8. Shifting Contents

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    No way! That's crazy! I get wierd pimply rash on my thighs quite often. I've had minor skin issues my whole life so i figured it was just that!

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    Very very interesting I wouldn't of thought that's where that irritation comes from. Does shine light on the topic..abcnews made in America would love this one just like they did for Olympics with Ralph Lauren cloths.
  10. cosmo1

    cosmo1 Now, a low life jack wagon, and still loving it.

  11. I get these minor rashes on my legs occasionally as well. More so on the tops of my feet with those damn expensive socks than the uniform bottoms though. I think I'm allergic to the brown dyes or something. Oh well. Soldier on until something more comes out of it. Too new to have ever been fitted in Riverside apparel.

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  12. Gini Mic

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    I am new so the site won't let me post links our pics
  13. I heard a driver in another center got crabs from those twin hill uniforms. He's going to get some big money from brown for that one.
  14. If he's like most managers he's been through that at least two times already.
  15. jumpman23

    jumpman23 Oh Yeah

    That's so weird dude, ive broken out real bad a few times over the years also. Didn't think nothing of it really cause it doesn't happen very often, I usually bring Benadryl with me everyday. It works and takes it away but it does make you a little sleepy. That's really ironic.
  16. Cementups

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    Hmmmm, now you've got me really curious. I started getting odd rashes and pimply breakouts since about 4 years ago. There are times I am broken out like a 12 year old boy all over my back and arms. Helen Keller could read my breakouts, it gets that bad. And even on my forehead. If I don't wipe my face off continuously throughout the day I get a painful breakout below my hairline. I haven't really changed my shorts as I am wearing shorts that are probably 10 years old or more. But the shirts I have gone through a few changes here and there in the last few years.

    Where are the pics you speak of by the way? I haven't gotten hives, but as I said, rashes and breakouts.
  17. jumpman23

    jumpman23 Oh Yeah

    Bring some Benadryl with ya, it will help. I hate taking it and if I don't take it if I have a hives incident, it wont go away at all unless I take a cold shower and sit for an hour or 2.
  18. Gini Mic

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    The site won't let me post pics because I'm new to the forums. I get the same rash across my forehead as well from the hat. I stopped wearing it and it went away. If you google "twin hill alaska airlines" there are articles with pictures of tjers with the same reaction
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  19. jumpman23

    jumpman23 Oh Yeah

    Heres a story, true story from an indident that happened when I worked preload like 13 years ago. I was loading trucks and I started getting hives and since ive had them before and still get them from time to time, I know when its coming on me. One of the first signs with me is elevated body temp and my lips feel swelled up( jokes later), anyway I started feeling like I was going to pass out so I sat down on the end of the truck and I told the part time supe I feel like im a pass out. Next thing you know im blacking in and out and they had to call 911 to bring me to the hospital, wasn't because of twin hill obviously but scary situation as I had never had that severe a problem with the hives. Doctors really couldn't explain it, they gave me an iv with fluids and I was off to go back to center and get my car to drive home. Scary situation and the hives can be a dangerous situation and its to be respected so take the necessary steps if you do start breaking out. The doctor said I could have died from it because my blood pressure was so low and could have went into cardiac arrest.
  20. OptimusPrime

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    Any days I know I am going to be sweating I have to take a towel. If I wipe my face on my uniform it starts burning like crazy. The only shirt that has ever done that. When I worked construction I would always wipe my face on my sleeves, and never had a problem.

    And can we please get away from the polyester blend? It's supposedly more durable, but the new shirts rip at the drop of a hat anyways. When it's hot, you can almost feel the heat staying in the fabric. My idea has always been to get Under Armour to sponsor our work outfits. Talk about an endorsement. If it's good enough for your UPS man, it's good enough for you.
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