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  1. maybrown

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    Any chance that UPS will reduce 3 attempts to 2?
    During peak season I feel the pain because I need more space to do my pick up!
  2. SimpleUPSer

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    Good question.

    I'm sure UPS has analyzed the success rate of the third delivery attempt and at this point found it to be justifiable, but that could change.

    A few other factors may contribute such as what does our competition do with their delivery attempts, what our customers expect and how expensive it is now versus what it may be in the future.

    With our relationship with the UPS Stores (I use that term loosely) perhaps we could drop them off at select locations for the customers to pick up, or even add additional surcharges for multiple delivery attempts in residential areas.

    Ultimately it will come down to expense and profitability.

    My thoughts anyway.
  3. scratch

    scratch Least Best Moderator Staff Member

    I wish the Dish Network Return Service was one attempt!
  4. upsgrunt

    upsgrunt Well-Known Member

    They could very easily make those an RS1 or better yet, send them a letter that the return labels are in the empty box that is on their porch. Let them track one of us down for a change!
  5. CFLBrown

    CFLBrown New Member

    And how are RS1's sheeted? I questioned this and they are still 3 attempts from what I was told, even will show up in EDD the next day if you NI1 them.

    BTW: I'm all for not having to make a 3rd attempt on packages. Nothing better then pulling up to a place and no there is no 'signs of life' anywhere in the neighborhood. Then they will call up UPS with some story and you will be be delivering it for another 3 days. Good job
  6. satellitedriver

    satellitedriver Moderator Staff Member

    RS1's when scanned give two options;
    1. Left with customer
    2. Pickup from customer
    At least that is what shows in my DIAD when I scan them.
  7. scratch

    scratch Least Best Moderator Staff Member

    The RS1 gives you three options on the DIAD screen. That first option says something like "Left with Consignee". If you use that, then it doesn't show up in EDD the next day. We also have some "door hanger" type envelopes that you insert the label in and leave on the door knob and it tells the customer to drop it off at a UPS Store, Customer Counter, or give it to a driver.

    Satellite, where I am at, EDD's third option is "Return to Shipper".
  8. satellitedriver

    satellitedriver Moderator Staff Member

    Big time ditto's, Scratch.
    I had 10 call tags for Dish Network this week. 9 were NI3 and the 10th one was picked up on the 3rd attempt and it had the ARS label on it.
    We should not have call tags for company's that put an ARS label in every empty box we deliver.
    The money we lose on these call tags must be huge.
    Three of the call tags last week caused me to drive an extra 30 miles per day, on rough country roads, to just send the tags back as NI3's.
    Just the kind of *%@&!!! a driver needs to put up with during peak.
    Sorry to vent, but it is a sore spot with me.
  9. Golfnut54481

    Golfnut54481 New Member

    Not only should those Dish tags be one attempt. Any call tag in which we didn't deliver the orginal parcel shoud be one attempt as well. If another shipping company screws up then they should fix it....
  10. scratch

    scratch Least Best Moderator Staff Member

    I hate Dish Network's RS service too. I had one Friday that is the second time at the same address. I will wind up making six attempts to pickup along with two deliveries of empty boxes. And lately, I will have one box one day, then a second box the next day for the same house. It would be nice if some of these people would write on my Infonotice the first day that they had already dropped the box off somewhere else. Sigh...............
  11. satellitedriver

    satellitedriver Moderator Staff Member

    Not to change the thread, but I wish we had door hangers for driver follow ups like we use to have in the 80's. I think someone decided they could save money by not printing them.
    Now on a DF we have no way to communicate to the customer we even stopped by to check up on a delivery. Many negative DF's have occured for this reason.
    Also, on the DF there should be a barcode printed that we could scan instead of typing in the 1z#'s.
    Sorry if I got off topic.
  12. scratch

    scratch Least Best Moderator Staff Member

    I remember the door hangers for DFs, that was too good of an idea to keep. If the consignee isn't home because they are at work, then they won't be home the second and third time either. We do need the Driver Follow Up door hangers back. Ours had the Center's phone number printed on them and a place they could sign.
  13. VTBrown

    VTBrown Member

    RS1 - you leave the tag.
  14. Harley Rider

    Harley Rider 30 yrs & counting

    I had four Dish Network boxes for the same house one day. Two days later I got four more! What kills me is when you RTS the pkg. because the people have moved and in 10 days you get a call tag to pick the thing up. Doesn't Dish ever look at the returned boxes and update their database? Oh well......... its a free stop that day.

    I'm with you Satellite Driver. This Dish Network is a BIG sore spot with me. Very few deliveries with Dish are in an easy spot to get to. Most of them are in the middle of nowhere down a dirt road that you have to deadhead several miles on. Why can't people just pay their satellite bills? This is the closest I have ever come to being a repo man.:dissapointed:
  15. ikoi62

    ikoi62 Member

    around here all the DF's have a barcode on them..
  16. cino321

    cino321 Active Member

    That's not your problem, it's UPS's problem.

    Don't worry about changing the way the company works, you don't get paid enough.

    If you can't fit your pick ups call for help. Let them worry about it. Removing attempts (in other words removing bargaining work) will put less money in your pocket, and on top of that, make UPS look terrible to the competition.
  17. Hangingon

    Hangingon New Member

    We still have the blue door hangers for DDFU's. One side is the delivery follow up and the other side is the retrace follow up.
  18. yonnko

    yonnko Member

    I had so many dish network call tags customers tell me they already dropped pkg at UPS store or Staples that I now cancel call tag on first attempt. If they still have pkg another call tag will come along. I told my center managerabout the redundancy and he said he would follow up on it. No action seen yet.
  19. cino321

    cino321 Active Member

    I don't understand you guys. You get paid to deliver packages, do it. A call tag is like any other stop in your package car, treat it like one. Don't just assume they don't have it, or sent it out somewhere. Service the call tag like you are supposed, its your job.
  20. Dirty Savage

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