two drivers for same residence on same day.

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    I placed an order on amazon. they slit my order into two shipments. One I received @ 9:30 AM with Fedex Express. My second package(Fedex Ground) will arrive by this afternoon. I think its stupid how Fedex will have two drivers deliver the same address on a Saturday. Next day Air packages from Amazon have been delivered by OnTrac.(Ontrac is the best logistics service in my area)
    I hate Amazon has stopped shipping with UPS in my area. On weekdays, UPS in on my street by 9:40, he sometimes beats me here from the hub.(I don't know how he does it)
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    Get over it.
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    You do realize that FedEx Express and FedEx ground are 2 separate operations right? Different sort facilities, etc..

    Also, Amazon may fulfill your order from different warehouses based on stock and also to meet the expected delivery date they guaranteed. That's another reason for the 2 different drivers.

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    You are preaching to the choir. Most of us at Express feel the same way. But this is the way Fred Smith runs FedEx. By keeping Express and Ground separate( using a contractor scam) he effectively keeps the Teamsters out, labor cost low, and more $ in his pocket. Any questions?
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    You drive slow....
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    ​Our boy David ain't even know much of anything.
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    but our boy is a "loyal teamster" LOL
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    just got done... i had a stop that had Express(small box) & USPS (smartpost or surepost envelopes) at the same address in addition to my medium box w/ Amazon Prime box tape all over it... it is what it is to get it to the destination ASAP