Two injured when UPS truck rear-ended on SR 20

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    Two injured when UPS truck rear-ended on SR 20 - CLJ News

    Ken Purvis, 63, of Lake Talquin was traveling west on SR 20 at 1:15 p.m. and was about to turn south to make a delivery at the offices of Twin Oaks Juvenile Development when his UPS truck was hit from behind. The impact sent the 2009 freight truck across the eastbound lane, into the south ditch and then head-on into an oak tree.

    “I was slowing down but hadn’t stopped,” said Purvis. “He hit me square in the back of my truck, knocked me about 50 yards and pushed me into a tree.”

    He said after impact, his seat went back and he hit his head on the bulkhead wall that separates the packages from the cab of the truck. He said he believed he was unconscious for a few seconds and when he came to, “I saw the oak tree coming at me.” He tried to hit his brakes, “But my feet were in the air.”