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  1. driverhelper09

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    Hey everyone,

    This is my first year as a driver helper. I keep hearing about a bonus. Could someone please talk to me about that? Also, during orientation, it was stated in the paperwork I signed driver helpers could work until 12-31-09. What are the chances of that? Thanks.
  2. ups1990

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    Helper. I've never heard of a bonus given to helpers. The full-timer you're working for might give you a gift, but that's it.

    Apply for part-time work at UPS after the holidays, hoepfully you'll get hired.
  3. brownIEman

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    In my district, we have always offered a $100 bonus to driver helpers. To be eligible, you have to show up EVERY time you are asked to help a driver, and work for as long as you are needed. One day you are sick and can't make it, or one time have an appointment and have to leave the driver early, and you are no longer eligible. Make it every time however, and you get the $100 at the end of the season.

    Sometimes there is a large amount of volume to clean up in the system after the 25th, and helpers in some areas are used until the 31st. I have not seen it here in several years and it does not look like they will be used after the 24th this year either, but it varies from place to place.
  4. driverhelper09

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    So about the bonus and work beyond the 24th, those decisions are made by each district or ups center? What district are you in? Thanks.
  5. over9five

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    We have the same incentive IEMan speaks of.
  6. scratch

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    We had that $100 bonus a few years back, but it just lasted one year. I tipped my Helper that much last year, and she will get the same this year.
  7. dilligaf

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    I did not realize the bonus was only done one year. I guess I was lucky. I was hired as a helper that year and I did get my bonus. :happy2:
  8. Scratch,
    I think that was awesome that you did that out of your own pocket:peaceful:
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    I would think that if you were able to get a $100 bonus you would have been told something about it at the time you were hired. I'm sure UPS would have used it as an incentive to get people to take the job and show up everyday needed.
  10. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I think the company would have been hard pressed to keep the bonus in place after taking away incentives from both the hourlies and management this year.
  11. MC4YOU2

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    Last year and years past we always had some cash bonus. Last one was for 50/50 driver/helper if driver provided a helper lead and helper showed up every time when called in. Zippo this year. I just tipped my last helper. Had 5. Two drivers, 3 off the street. My 4th one was sheeting stuff incorrectly and not getting help when he was not sure what to do. It's a dynamite training they give them. A picture of a diad and then right into the deep water. Can't wait for the follow ups.