Two tier wage system, who does it affect?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by ThyDevourer, Sep 8, 2016.

  1. ThyDevourer

    ThyDevourer Member

    So there's a member of the "safety commitee" telling people that drivers hired now top out at what the inside combo jobs workers make. $28ish instead of $34ish. I wasn't able to find anything relevant to this in the union booklet. Does anyone have any idea or is he talking out of his ass? In the Midwest.
  2. Turdferguson

    Turdferguson Just a turd

    Is he talking about regular full time drivers. If so ,he is smoking crack and needs to change dealers immediately
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  3. Johney

    Johney Well-Known Member

    I believe there has been rumors of a two tier wage system,but it hasn't happened far as I know.
  4. ThyDevourer

    ThyDevourer Member

    Yes he was saying any FT drivers hired now were subject to it.
  5. Orion inc.

    Orion inc. I like turtles

    Is his name Dave?
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  6. Gumby

    Gumby *

    Talking out of his ass.
  7. MyTripisCut

    MyTripisCut Director of Shenanigans

    You speak this language?
  8. Wally

    Wally Hailing from Parts Unknown.

    The fool is on the safety committee! Nuff' said!
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  9. JL 0513

    JL 0513 Well-Known Member

    Wow, it's 2018 already? I haven't read the new contract yet.
  10. Gumby

    Gumby *

  11. ThyDevourer

    ThyDevourer Member

    Figured, I guess when you get paid to walk around and pretend to care about safety it comes easy.
  12. Gumby

    Gumby *

    Maybe if you have a 22.3 job.
  13. UnsurePost

    UnsurePost making the unreadable unreadabler

    That might be for a TCD/temp cover type job, too. Their top rates are a % of FT driver rate.
  14. Dr.Brownz

    Dr.Brownz Well-Known Member

    There is a 4 year progression to top rate not a two tier wage system. The guy on the safety committee doesn't know what he's talking about.
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  15. Cementups

    Cementups Box Monkey

  16. 3 done 3 to go

    3 done 3 to go In control of my own destiny

    I know of no tier pay in this contract. It maybe an issue for the 18 contract. If it does happen, it will probably affect new hires or less than 10 yrs
  17. Browndriver5

    Browndriver5 Active Member

    Why would it effect people with 10 years or less?? So 9 years isnt enough vested time? Or even 5 years for that matter. Ridiculous we are even talking about a two tier wage system. Ive worked two jobs for 7 years to make it as a full time driver.
  18. Browndriver5

    Browndriver5 Active Member

    How would it affect a cover driver though? Would they be red circled? Dosent make any sense because then no one would have any incentive to go full time lol
  19. Gumby

    Gumby *

    They will probably ask for year round helpers. So that they need less drivers.
  20. Browndriver5

    Browndriver5 Active Member

    Who would do that for $8 an hour?