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    I went to an air show in Sacramento yesterday (Sat) that featured the USAF Thunderbirds. Included among the static displays were two DHL, one Fedex and two UPS planes. The UPS planes were an A300 and a 757. Our competitors planes were situated in the middle of the static field while ours were on the periphery. You have to understand, this was at Mather Field our Gateway. UPS demonstrated loading and offloading "cans" which very few people watched. They had two "soccer-mom" early am vans on display. Wow. On the other hand Fedex was allowing people up inside their plane to view the cockpit and cargo area. People were lined up. They also had several delivery vehicles emphasising their different service levels. Here is my gripe. Does UPS have absolutely no imagination? What a PR opportunity. But, typically UPS was a day late and a dollar short. I was embarrassed.
  2. Wasn't too long ago, all we would have had was a little tent manned by a couple of local account executives handing out little styrofoam airplanes and selling BIN accounts.
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    those were the old days. we use to beable to get our hands on alot of things to hand out to our customers. but did someone say ipo. that ended everything that we use to know about ups
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    That sounds typical.

    Fed Ex has had a truck in our local Christmas parade for almost 10 years now. I asked early on if I could drive a package car in the parade ( even volunterring my own time) and I was shot down cold.

    Last year Fed Ex put in a feeder! We again have nothing.

    That really stings personally. I was born here, raised here, and I am 4th generation here and I have to watch Fed Ex in the parade in my own town!
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    Again-UPS doesn't care about anybody or anything. Get It?????????
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    Your thread just gave me a big old dose of homesickness. I was raised in Sacramento and left there for Denver when I was 24. Miss it EVERY day. For much of that time I lived near McClellan AFB, if you have any idea where that is.

    And I agree, I have thought 'the day late and a dollar short' many times while at UPS. As most of you know, Denver is home to the Bronco's, major league basketball and baseball, pro hockey and soccer, and NCAA sports.

    On a day during a Bronco game, the streets are deserted and the stores are empty. Very eerie, but this city LOVES its football!!! Once upon a time, we treated our valued clients to nice dinners and free tickets to these sporting events, but those days are gone. I can't tell you how many customers we lost to Fedex, for example, who spare no expense at attending these events with our ex customers at no cost to them or just hand out the tickets to them for free. In this sport crazed city, this means a lot to a business owner who loves his sporting events.

    And we think we're being penny wise to keep from being dollar foolish. :confused:1