U.S. Postal Service could start shipping alcohol under Senate proposal

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    U.S. Postal Service could start shipping alcohol under Senate proposal - Reuters

    The cash-strapped U.S. Postal Service could tap a rich new revenue stream if Congress adopts the idea of two senators who want to allow it to ship alcohol, a business reserved for more than a century for its private competitors.

    The Postal Service estimates alcohol shipments could bring in up to $50 million annually, a spokesman said.
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    Will the package have to be signed for by an adult, or will they just throw it in your driveway, like they do here?
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    They will probably leave a note the first attempt and make you go to post office to pick up.
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    My guess is 95% of these deliveries that need signatures will end up being picked up at the post office. See how long these people who can afford to overpay for booze off the interwebs will wait in line at the post office before they start paying the premium for a real delivery company.

    How about instead of these half ar$e money saving schemes like no saturday delivery, no door to door service, and alcohol via gov't workers, republicans simply remove the requirement to prefund their benefits for 75 years.