UAW says no to concessions to keep plant open

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Would you take the wage cuts or unemployment?

  1. I would agree to the wage cuts

  2. I would rather take my chances with unemployment

  1. brett636

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    No deal for local UAW

    UAW halts vote on giveback deal at Indy GM plant

    Alright, so here are the cliff notes. GM has a stamping plant on the west side of Indianapolis that currently employs 850 people which has been announced will be closing by sometime next year. A company based out of Chicago called JD Norman wants to buy the plant and keep the workforce, but to do so the employees have to agree to wage cuts. The wage cuts in question are going from $29/hr. to $15.50/hr. While that is a big pill to swallow in terms of a wage cut it still beats unemployment, and JD Norman has said they want to increase the number of employees at this plant by 1300 over the next few years. I personally cannot fathom why someone would choose unemployment over a paying job with benefits, and I hope this doesn't mean yet another empty plant here in Indianapolis. Although I am inclined to believe JD Norman could get plenty of good applicants if they just buy the building and start from scratch on the workforce. What say the rest of you?
  2. klein

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    Comming from me, I voted to agree upon it (hard to swallow , eh ?).

    But, the way I would look at it, stay employed, and look for a better ,(paying), job a.s.a.p.
    Beats unemployment checks forsure, plus you keep the bennies.

    That's the problem, people get used to high paying jobs, and budget it all away (in form of higher mortage payments - bigger homes, higher car payments - nicer cars), yet, they never count on the "what ifs". Like job loss or lower earnings, or even extra ordinary huge bills (may it be lawsuits, death in the family, or other circumstances).
  3. cachsux

    cachsux Wah

    LOL, Thats funny.
  4. klein

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    Hey, I started at UPS with $15 hr, left with $17.00/hr.
    During all that time , I was able to stash $940 away, every 4 weeks (automatic debit from my account weekly).

    Gee, at $30 an hr, could have been almost $2000 every 4 weeks.

    I simply don't live for today only. I think of tomorrow. People should try that.
    Early retirement has been my priorty for some time now, but kind of screwed that up now. But, that's ok. Still live with less problems then those UAW workers above and it won't be long to get myself back on track.

    Besides all that, you still have bargaining chances with your bank while employed.
    You can tell them the situation, and considate the loans, car payments, credit cards, maybe even within your mortgage.
    To make things work, by earning less.

    Unemployed.... youy barely stand a chance to even get an appointment with the bank !
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    His point is you choose a beer over your job so you really don't have much ground here to judge these workers and their situation. That single beer cost you tens of thousands of dollars so I hope it was the best damn beer of your life. Now, this isn't a thread about you or Canada so please take yourself out of it and allow the more rational adults to discuss this issue. Thanks! :)
  6. klein

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    Sorry to inform you, but AUW is not UPS related, or with Teamsters.
    And is up north, too !
    So, is GM, which is also partly owned by Canadians, likewise by Americans.
    It's an open topic !

    But, since you started this thread, I will respect your decision to keep anybody outside the US, to stay away from it.
    And, please get a mod, to revoke my vote on this issue.
  7. brett636

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    I guess as long as you stick to the topic I really don't care. I just don't want this to devolve into a USA versus Canada thread like so many others you go into become.
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    Isn't this a labor thread subject ?
  9. cachsux

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    I think it was started to invoke thought about the proposal to the UAW and to bring up the subject of whether we would consider concessions if need be. It`s not technically our labor issue,but could be.
  10. brett636

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    I sincerely hope that none of us find ourselves in the position these people have. I would vote for the wage cuts in a heartbeat assuming it was that or no job at all, but I would not be happy about it. Its not really a UPS related labor issue as it is a jobs issue. The UAW has the opportunity to allow this new company to take over what would be an empty plant soon, and double the workforce that is there. They could be a local hero along with increasing their own ranks, but apparently they aren't thinking this way.
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  11. jimstud

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    i would take a 50% pay cut as long as the management did the same. i have a hard time believeing that the top dogs who are probally banging 3 to 4 times what the hourlies are making took any pay cut at all. everybody looks at the hourlies like they are idoits for not taking a 50% pay cut but the problem with american compamies is that there is too many top level management people. you have a pres. for this a vice-pres. for that and they all have executive assisants who have secretaries and so on and so forth. maybe if there wasn't so much waste at the top the poor schmuck at the bottom wouldn't get screwed.
  12. over9five

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    Excellent question! Is managment also taking a 50% pay cut?
  13. klein

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    Would be new management, you would think. Since it's only a deal between UAW and JD.
    Mind you, they might take a few, but surely not all of them.
  14. over9five

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    It said the new company wanted to "keep the workforce". I thought that must mean everyone, but you could be right.
  15. over9five

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    ....And to answer the question, I would NOT take a 50% pay cut. I think I could do better elsewhere.
  16. Monkey Butt

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    Not often Ovah and klein agree on anything (or klein and anybody else for that matter).
    I agree with these two ... start looking else where because if you do not take the pay cut you will be looking for a job anyway.
  17. Baba gounj

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  18. scratch

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    Only the ones with very high seniority will be able to transfer to other plants. My brother works for GM in Shreveport and he is near the top of the layoff list with his 25 years. He barely has a job right now and that plant has been scheduled to be closed also.
  19. brett636

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  20. scratch

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    So now they will be out of a job anyways, since GM is still going to close it down.