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    UK Lorry driver UPS’er Frank Brown from the Tamworth Hub is doing rout 66 in the USA on a Harley with a wounded / injured soldier at the end of this month.
    I’ve been trying to enlist the help of the Brown Café website to see if they can help on his charity ride at the end of this month but can’t see to get anywhere. Can you help to promote this good cause. He has paid over $6.000 for this trip out of his own pocket. He would like to meet and have photos taken with any UPser out there along his rout. You can find him on facebook in the UK Francis Paul Brown
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    Do you know the date that he plans to be in Santa Monica, California?
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    When will you be in Amarillo, Tx
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    Its completely organised through Blue Cucumber from 29/04/2015 to 09/05/2015 Frank has never done this before and as you can see from this web site it is completely organised
    Day 1: Arrive in San Diego, California

    Welcome to our day of preparation for the exciting Route 66 Motorcycle Tour. This once in a lifetime journey, with it's unique riding experience, along the most famous two-lane highway in America, could change your life for the better. Your opportunity to visit with new friends, the experience of a legendary road featured in many iconic films and television shows like the one highlighted by Billy Connolly recently. The sights and sounds of a history long forgotten by the modern age, along with the vastly diverse scenery of a landscape most have never seen, will remind us of days gone by.

    Day 2: San Diego, to Blythe, California
    Approximate mileage: 267 miles

    Our group will aim our heady iron horses northeast through the pine valley to the Salton Sea. After a stop to see the beauty of the San Andreas Fault line we continue east for our first experience of the vast rural expanse of the open roads. On this our first day of the Route 66 Motorcycle Tour, we head along the highway into Blythe for a well earned rest spend our second night. The outdoor pool might entice the brave for a swim before we get changed and head out for dinner.

    Day 3: Blythe to Payson, Arizona
    Approximate mileage: 253 miles

    Today's ride is not for the faint hearted.... As we leave California, we head into Arizona where we will feel the temperatures rise as we ride north of Phoenix and Scottsdale to Fountain Hills where we take a well deserved break for lunch.

    The afternoon is packed full of some of the most spectacular views as we climb and decend some breath taking mountain ranges. It is not uncommon to have eagles souring above us as we ride. We will take a stop to allow you to have your photo taken alongside huge cacti at the side of the road. Our day will end with views of snow covered mountains and forests.

    Day 4: Payson to Holbrook via the Petrified Forest, Arizona
    Approximate mileage: 204 miles

    We have a surprise in store for you the group as we head north for a ride through the Petrified Forrest National Park, commonly known as the "Painted Desert" you will be astounded by it's natural beauty as we break to take in all that the park has to offer. You will experience a number of iconic Route 66 sights and landmarks in the afternoon as we take time to enjoy the beauty of the landscape. We then head off to "the wigwam motel" for an evening with a difference.

    Day 5: Holbrook to Williams, Arizona
    Approximate mileage: 244 miles

    An early start takes us off the the town of Winslow for a great photo opportunity and chance to pick up some Route 66 souvenirs. This is followed by a ride out to visit the Meteor Crater. From there we head off to Flagstaff to a brewery for lunch. After lunch we enjoy a ride down throgh Oak Creek CanyonSedona and Jerome National Park, we then ride north again to one of the most iconic Route 66 towns called Williams for en evening of entertainment and food.

    Day 6: Williams to Laughlin, Nevada
    Approximate mileage: 195 miles

    This morning we west head North into the Grand Canyon National Park. Then we roll in to the historic ghost town of Seligman where we will ride along old Route 66 for an early lunch at a classic old Route 66 Diner in Kingman. After lunch, we take in the amazing town of Oatman before landing in Laughlin for the afternoon and evening of fun.

    Day 7: Laughlin to Las Vegas, Nevada
    Approximate mileage: 120 miles

    Today we lave Laughlin and head north for Brunch in a world famous cafe in Boulder City followed by a visit to the Hoover Dam. We then take a leasurely ride along the Las Vegas Strip to the Luxor Hotel for a party in the pool whilst your rooms are being prepared. The rest of the day and evening are yours to take in the sights and sounds of Las Vegas. (Remember, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!)

    Day 8: Las Vegas to Barstow, California
    Approximate mileage: 192 miles

    After a lazy start, we leave Las Vegas and head south through Searchlight for an intersting outerspace encounter in the town of Baker. Continuing South West we leave Nevada for our evening stop and entertainment in Barstow.

    Day 9: Barstow to the Santa Monica Pier, LA, California
    Approximate mileage: 297 miles

    As we head off for the Santa Monica Pier on our final days riding along classic Route 66, we make have time to drop into a Historic Route 66 museum fin Victorville or a much needed comfort break followed by lunch in another 1960's classic diner...... We then snake our way to the Pier and back to the hotel where enjoy a celebration meal together whilst reflecting on the weeks achievemnts.

    Day 10: Enjoy the morning in Los Angeles before your flight home to the UK

    Day 11: Arrival back into London Heathrow Terminal 5
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    Hope he's got good suspension on his bike, many sections of Rt66 are in poor condition. The section thru AZ is my favorite, been on it many times.
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    Should be fine it is a well organised group he will be travelling with. He is looking forward to maybe meeting a few UPS colleagues on his way round.
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    Not long now. Frank will be in London Tuesday the 28th and flying out to the USA Wednesday 29th he is looking forward to meeting any UPS colleague over their
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    Bike on over to the northeast.
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    Well Frankie is back in the UK and says he had a great time in the USA and that all the people he met were great and friendly. Thank you all for letting me post on your great site.
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    I wish I could do a 69. Those days are ovvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeer