uncle Fred save our money

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    And drop the FedEx name off the nascar, fedex field and the arena where the Memphis grizzly play. Invest your money in the only team that keeps this tire rolling Us your employees! !!
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  3. chargerlou

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    Haha true
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    What makes you think you are part of Fred's team?
  5. chargerlou

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    Yeh forgot we just the players ha
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    If my station is any indication fdx will need lots of money for lots of refunds upcoming, we've had sooo many lates- p1,p2,so,p5,e3, aa points or pm points doesn't matter. Start time has been permanently backed up 25 mins.Belt rolls around 0830 if freights on time and were hitting first p1 about 10 am. its been ugly and customers have actually been voicing their displeasure more lately.
  7. Cactus

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    Fred doesn't care about customers either.
  8. Oh..he cares........if they don't bill their bill ontime!!
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    The dramatic emphasis on saving money directly affects customer service. As I've said before, when you're shipping something slow and cheap, you don't necessarily expect premium service. When you're paying huge money to have something delivered overnight, you expect it, along with outstanding customer service support. When people don't get what they pay for, they go elsewhere.
  10. Route 66

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    it actually gives me great pleasure to read this.

    Remember this, Fredward - you reap what you sow.
  11. Cactus

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    That's right,

    Fred just doesn't "get it."
  12. MrFedEx

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    Fred "get's" it, but he doesn't care a whole lot because the cash is flowing from Ground, not Express. He wants perfection in return for paying us poorly, but if the Express customer gets screwed, he is still packing his wallet, and that's all that really counts these days.
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    Many years ago, Express pride itself on great customer service. Delivering that "Golden Package" to the customer. Couriers who cared and took the time to say "Good Morning Mrs Jones, here is your Federal Express Package" Yes we knew their names and they loved us....It only took a few seconds to recognize our customers, it added a personal touch to the delivery. Now they are lucky to see the back of our heads as we drop, ring the door bell and go...
  14. MrFedEx

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    Absolutely true. Almost everyone else did the same thing as well, because we believed in the company, it's "mission", and felt as though we were a part of an organization that appreciated our efforts. Now, if you were to do something "exceptional" for a customer, you'd probably get a warning letter because your RTB was off, or your SPH goal was not met.

    Today, there is zero incentive to do anything but the minimum, and I include myself in that category. FedEx makes it very clear that you are just an employee number...and nothing else. Hard work equals a result of additional work, not recognition or reward. Competence and excellence go unnoticed because all management wants is compliance. WAD=doing it their way all the time, even if it is wrong, costs time, or results in unhappy customers.
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    Depending on when the contract with each was made and for how long, you can't just say 'I don't want my name on that car/stadium/etc anymore' and pull out. If I'm not mistaken, those types of contracts are for 10-15 years at least.
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    Fred S is the only CEO who could go on the show Undercover Boss and not look out of place as an employee (in a Ground terminal).