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  1. uber

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    If were a low seniority driver and we get laid off sporadically can we file for unemployment? I thought I've read before that you can.
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    You can file for partial unemployment. And yeah, it's a much better use of your time to try to google the answer first. You're just asking for a smart assing. And we have the best and fastest smartasses on the web! Good luck bruh!
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    It should be covered in your supplement.
  5. uber

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    I found out. If laid off more than 3 days in a week we can file for unemployment in my state.
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    Only if they code you out as layoff, they like to code people as call in or scheduled off so later they can build a case against people they are trying to pin something on. Make sure you check what you're being coded out as if you are not being able to work due to everyone else with higher seniority wanting to work.
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    Are you being laid off from driving? If so then you always have the option to work inside. If you are being laid off as an insider, then by all means file.
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    Which is still better than talking to a :censored2:. Which we also have a few of. If you are offended by this, I'm probably talking about ya.:wink2:
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    Yeah, but we don't have the best dumb asses here. Just the best smartasses.
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    Check your states requirements. Here, again, I say, HERE, you have to be laid off for at least a week. That first week counts as a "waiting" week. After that, you can file for all or partial weeks.

    Yes, be sure to get your name filed immediately if your state is such. Get that waiting week outta the way.

    And here, yes, HERE, if you're laid off from your specified job classification, you DO NOT have to take another position, especially if it pays less.

    Years ago, while in construction, we were laid off every winter because of frozen ground. Collected unemployment. Boss fought it saying he offered me a job in the building, mechanicing, which he did. Took it to arbitration. Panel (state unemployment panel) agreed with me...said I didn't have to take anything below my pay scale or any other classification job for which I was not hired.

    Check locally
  11. uber

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    I've worked a total of 3 hours this week. I have to pay my bills, damn. Not good.
  12. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Ask your on-car if you can get your hours in the hub.
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    I think I'm going to do that. I have no problem with it.
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    We're you working a lot during peak?

    I was in the same boat last year, bottom seniority cover driver. Should still be, but apparently it's still Christmas round these parts.

    Screw working on the inside. If I would work local sort, I'd take home maybe $125/wk. I was getting $350/wk in unemployment. Driving Saturday air is cool too if you're at top rate. Easy money and you won't hit the cutoff for UC benefits (here at least), and it's good to stay in the loop so to speak.
  15. uber

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    I've worked consistently until this week.

    Don't you make the same wages you would as driving if you go back in the hub when there's no work? So they allowed you to file for unemployment as a cover driver?
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    No, you are not a driver at that point.
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    It's probably different everywhere, but if I work preload or local sort I get paid my rate for inside work, not driver pay.

    Yeah they let me file. UC basically told me I'm laid off from driving, not working inside so that's what they're going on. If I bump a loader, then they'd file so it doesn't matter to them. Management doesn't care either since they want me on call everyday for driving.
  18. uber

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    Whats UC? Also, what region are you in?
  19. gostillerz

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    Unemployment Compensation (I think haha), and I'm in mid Atlantic.
  20. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Zagsfan, when you work on the inside you do not get your driver rate. Your state may offer partial unemployment which would make up the difference in pay. Or you could sit on your ass at home and collect full unemployment.