Unethical Tactics Management Uses to Retaliate Against and Harass Drivers


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Filed a ton of 9.5 grievances and won a hearing on attendance. That next 6 month’s consisted of supervisors coming out and observing me multiple times a months. Got me for a bogus handrail violation on a warning letter based on me not grabbing hand rail good enough. Also, dinged me for stealing time for going to a gas station to take a piss and figured I’ll buy a Gatorade on the way out. That 45 seconds extra to swipe my card got me a visit in the center managers office.
Ya, we have heard of this too. Always code out a break. Even the 1 minute in line to get a Gatorade. Then they have nothing on you.

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You mean the guy that got fired, was reinstated and then the firing was upheld because he couldn't keep his mouth shut on social media?


Look up L.R.'s case in Fort Wayne

You need to find better examples. sometimes, people get what they deserve.

L. R. in Fort Wayne was fired for altering her timecard. She got her job back, and after an injury, was released to full unrestricted duty by her doctor. She then wanted UPS to accommodate her because she was too lazy to do the job anymore. She then threatened to tase someone with an armed taser.

So she was fired for dishonesty and then workplace violence. Bye Bye.


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They have nothing on you? They have you acting like a scared schoolboy being sent to the Principal's office.
Yep, but for $120k a year they can keep me honest as possible about coding out a single minute. Do the job with some integrity and it shouldn't be too much of an issue.

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Yep, but for $120k a year they can keep me honest as possible about coding out a single minute. Do the job with some integrity and it shouldn't be too much of an issue.
Absolutely. 🎯

Too bad the UPS corporate code of ethics does not apply to management when the infraction is too abhorrent and illegal to address.

Terminating a driver for sheeting a known closed off area is A OK. DISHONESTY: A cardinal offense.

Forcing UPS Airline pilots to lie in order to terminate a pilot who addressed safety issues does not violate UPS' code?? Dishonesty is perfectly acceptable in this situation.

Hiding FAA violations, compromising airline safety and the safety of the general public is Fine.????? Without a doubt.

Management coercing drivers to write false statements against another driver was possibly the reason for the tragedy at UPS SF facility. RIP is interpreted as Rest in Peace for most. NOT UPS: RIP. Reap Immense Profits at any cost.

It's just business. The UPS code is BS garbage. Profits over people is the true UPS mantra.

UPS management retaliates without fail.

Pilots with unreported DUIs and refusals to submit to chemical tests are in command of aircraft that have been used as weapons.

Pilots at UPS are beyond reluctant to address any safety or ethical issues. They are terrified. They are effectively silenced. Or their livelihoods will be destroyed. Just like pilot K(arlene). P. at Delta Airlines or Capt. Douglas G. at UPS.
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I’m heading to feeders soon and of course management is trying to pin me for scratch on a truck I’ve never driven before. They’re a bunch of this kind of damage on all trucks . Waiting this long for HR to contact you on classes on feeders ridiculous.

Of course you need at least 1 year of safe driving( I have 4) . Imagine getting a strike while waiting for that call. I assume you can’t grieve it since this occurrence happened after you’ve already won?