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    I was very excited to begin my career with ups as a package handler and substitute driver in a small warehouse in upstate NY. After being hired intitally and setting a start date I was told that they could not employ me because my unkle worked in the same warehouse. I was upfront about this, stating that "yes, I knew someone who worked there". Keep in mind that my unkle works on the floor as a package handler and in no way could really lavish me with any form of nepotism. I was also told that perhaps if we were in a bigger city/bigger warehouse they could hire me. Is there a specific ups policy on this or am I just being jerked around? I am also painfully aware of the fact that there are people employed at the post in question that are related. Any info would be greatly appreciated!!
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    its a UPS policy, in smaller buildings its more of a few of theft/ family issues being brought into the workplace
  3. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Knowing someone and being related to an employee are two entirely different things.
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    That's crap. I'm in a very small building. Many of my fellow drivers have their kids working in the same building. I have been told by many Managers that this is no longer an issue. someone is getting their chain yanked. :dissapointed:
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    its in the policy book though, so you cant say its not policy.
    i had a post awhile back that a lot of people laughed at. i stated that a lot of major companies (especially ups) are set up like national govts who makes broad policy decisions and then it gets down to center level where those policies are fine tuned, in some centers its a must to hire family members (because of limited work force) and in some centers a manager wont have any of it
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    It is ups policy not to employ (siblings/parent-child) in the same position.
    It is also common practice not to employ relatives in the same hub.
    We had a driver in the bronx who did not disclose that his brother was also a driver same district but different hub , the new hire was terminated after about 6-8 months and he was a good driver in mgmts eyes....
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    How long ago was this. We have been told over the past 2 years that they ended this policy. I would like to see the policy in writing.
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    We Limit the Employment of Relatives. In order to help maintain equal opportunity of employment for the general public and equal opportunity of promotion for our employees, we limit the hiring of relatives. Relatives of current employees up to and including the level of center manager are eligible only for part-time employment in operations. Relatives of current employees at the level of division manager or above are ineligible for employment. Also, we do not hire relatives of former district managers or managers with equivalent or higher levels of responsibility.
    This policy helps us avoid misunderstandings, acts of favoritism, or the perception of favoritism that could arise were an employee in a position to influence the hiring, work, or advancement of a relative.
    For similar reasons, we discourage continuation of the full-time or part-time employment of any employee who marries another employee while either person holds a management position.
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    I thnk it is a policy that is often overlooked but that they can still use if they want to, I work in a small center and a drivers son worked unload and preload with me this past summer.
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    We have a feeder driver here who married a PT supervisor. They told the PT sup that she could keep her job but that she could never go into full time management due to her marriage to an hourly employee. We also have 2 newer drivers who are the sons of current drivers in the same building. There are also numerous siblings and mother/daughter combos working in our preload.

    The intent of this policy....if you read it carefully...is to prevent the appearance of favoritism and to avoid situations where a management person might be in a position of authority or influence over an hourly employee who is also a family member. It is a good policy.... when it focuses solely on management.

    I see no reason why an applicant should not be hired on his/her own merits due solely to the presence of a family member in the hourly workforce.
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  11. New Englander

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    Preload/Safety Supervisor, brother is a driver in the same building.

    In all actuality it's BS that UPS will pull that card anymore anywhere - when it just isn't true in multiple geographic locations.
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    THe policy used to be a lot more strict, almost no one who had relation to a current employee could work at UPS. Rumor had it, they were really struggling staffing of the Louisville Air Hub so they had to change it