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    It's very clear right now that FedEx is trading-off hours for service...and service sucks. While Express might still be making it's "numbers" percentage-wise, customers are increasingly frustrated with poor treatment and terrible call center experiences. It's bad enough that customers confuse the opcos, but it's becoming readily apparent that call center agents don't know the difference. Here's an actual example.

    I pull into a regular today, and a frustrated employee comes up and asks me if I can take a large package. I give a qualified "yes", and say "only of it is within our size restrictions", and I request to see the package, because it isn't with the normal pile. So this person takes me into the next room, where there is a crate about 7 feet long by about 3 feet wide. I immediately say "I can't take it", and this guy starts going off about how he first called it in 4 days ago. First, they sent FedEx Ground, then FedEx Freight, and now he is asking me to take it. When I examine the crate, it's actually Express Heavyweight, which they wanted to go overnight last week. He still wants me to take it, and I advise him to call the 1-800 number and tell them that this is an Express Heavyweight package and that they need to send someone from the Express opco to pick this up with a straight truck or CTV.

    At this point, he's had enough, and says he'll ship it with a company that knows what it is doing, and I can't blame him. That was probably several thousand dollars of revenue sitting there, and because our call center people are incompetent, someone else gets the business.

    And he isn't the only one. I hear complaints all the time of call centers confusing Freight with Express, Ground with Express, and vice-versa. It's very obvious that there is a big problem because most of these customers are old hands at using FedEx, and the issue is not on the shipper end.

    Cutting costs has costs, which FedEx apparently doesn't understand. When you hire low-information employees, you get bad results, and time is wasted getting the right opco to the customer. How much did it cost to have 2 opcos send a truck to this shipper and leave with nothing, plus the loss of the shipment revenue itself? A lot.

    I also hear many complaints on the delivery end. Reattempts are pretty much a thing of the past, and address corrections that used to take a day, now take several. I don't know many couriers who even do reattempts any more, much less indirects, because they are under so much pressure. Nobody has time to do it right any more.

    In the end, who suffers the most? The customer, and they will eventually get tired of dealing with idiots on the phone, and go elsewhere. More of "you get what you pay for". De-contenting Express does have consequences, and :censored2:-off employees do not deliver superb customer service, even with a gun at their heads.

    It's all spiraling down the toilet, and managment is hard at work figuring how they can make it flush faster because it will save money. Good luck with that.
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    Sometime I cant stand for my CSA at my station when they talk to customer on the phone either . I understand sometime people got bad day but hey its yours job .
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    We have customers that refuse to go to the STA at certain times of day, because of a certain CSA, they come in when that person is not
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    yea, i had a few customers confused with the different opcos out on the road...

    one ask if i can take an express package; i told her if it has to be an overnight package or is it a warranty return item... overnight. I said no, I'm not Express (red EX) & promptly pointed at my dog insignia on my shoulder. (Red Ex came after me 5 minutes later to pick the envelope up...)

    I told her that I'm in a division of Ground called Home Delivery, the lowest paid driver of all the opcos. We're supposed to only deliver to residentials most of the time, but some packages slip through the cracks & ends up with us :sick:

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    Funny how it works. Treat your employees like crap and they are less inclined to go the extra mile for your customers.
    This girl used to be one of those gung ho dano types but it just isn't worth it. Not only is it a thankless proposition to go out of my way for a customer, I'm likely to get written up for violating some silly rule in the process.
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    MFE - It's obvious FedEx doesn't care about customer service like it used to....why should you? I have my regular deliveries and pickups, but I can't justify to them if they do what they did to your customer.
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    There's a problem when a customer asks if you can take a "Ground" package because its been sitting there for 4 days now and no one has come to get it. They get frustrated when they're told the scanner can only scan express and not ground. Or when you ask them please don't use express supplies to ship out ground items. " Why can't I, aren't you guys the same company?" All we can do is try to make our customers as satisfied as possible but its getting a little more challenging.
  8. MrFedEx

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    I don't. A few years ago I would have taken the initiative and called the Heavyweight Dispatcher or the ramp. Fred just lost a few grand on that crate, and that's OK by me.
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    It is obvious that things continue to get worse for the wage employees of Express...

    Within all of this, I've read posts to the effect of, "We shouldn't allow the idiocy of FedEx to affect our customers", and "We should do what we can to help our customers".

    The idiocy of FedEx WILL affect your customers - there is nothing you can do to change that, nor should you care.

    Most will say that when a problem arises for a customer of a service provider, that the individual that has direct customer contact should "step up and own the situation", (in otherwords - make the customer's problem your problem).

    In most service provider situations where the service employees' employer is being forthright with the employee, paying them fairly and treating them with respect - I'd agree with that.

    However in Express - that simply isn't the case.

    You can't hope to adequately deal with the idiocy that FedEx is engaged in. As a Courier, you are a "box monkey" - you aren't paid to think one iota beyond getting the packages picked up or delivered to the correct location and obtaining a signature when necessary.

    In the past, Couriers were paid to think - no longer. You'll get some apologist Courier that has 20+ years trying to state the contrary - but then ask them why YOU aren't making the same wage as they, for doing the same work. And despite their assertions, you don't need to be working for Express for more than 5 or 10 years to "deserve" equal compensation.

    You (as a non-topped out Courier) AND the customers are getting screwed by FedEx. Until you take care of the screwing you're getting from Fred and company - I wouldn't be too concerned about the screwing the customers are getting...

    Fred has made it ABSOLUTELY clear that the Purple Promise doesn't apply to the employees in anyway whatsoever. So why in the hell would you worry about customers getting the purple promise out of you, when you can't "get it" from your employer (who until about 10 years ago, did make an effort to put the employee first - albeit under the threat of unionization)?

    The way I see it - it was the threat of unionization that kept the "purple promise" in force for both the employees and the customers of FedEx (wow, unions do serve a purpose it seems....). It does seem with that threat removed, that there isn't much reason for Fred to keep any of his promises... But he hasn't felt the need to do that since he can pay the right people to get out of his promises, does he.

    Seems those business jets do serve a real function for Fred - helping him get out of past promises that are costing him money...
  10. Mr Fedex

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    Ive been getting late pickups recently due to cut hours and i hate it because I am letting my customers down.Eventually they will move to UPS if something is not done.
  11. MrFedEx

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    See R1a's post. A day late, and ten dollars short, as usual.
  12. XFILED

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    I try to make the customers happy by letting my customers know to call and get a refund for their late packages and if Im late for a pick up I tell them to call and get a free shipment...Fedex always tries and blame the weather but I always let the customer know if it was weather or not....Fedex Cares!!!
  13. Cactus

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    Let me put it to you straight....The service is only as good as what Fred is willing to pay for and it's not very much nowadays. So wake up.
  14. hypo hanna

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    As I said before, I will worry about Fred's golden packages when he worries about my benefits package.
  15. Mr Fedex

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    Wake up? I'm doing the best I can. What am I supposed to do?
  16. snackdad

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    I just tell my customers not to use FedEx anymore. I tell people that USPS is way cheaper internationally and UPS has better customer service. When I shop online now I prefer to use businesses that do not ship FedEx.
    FedEx customer service does suck and it will get way worse.
  17. DontThrowPackages

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    Maybe not 20 years from now but greed will be the downfall of America and when that happens it will resemble India and Mexico in regards to the economic classes.
  18. Cactus

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    How about telling your customers the truth? Your falling right into Smith's hands taking the blame for his poor business decisions.
  19. 59 Dano

    59 Dano Some of my best friends are black.

    How does that do anything to help the Express employee?
  20. snackdad

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    It's not about me dummy it's about the customer. Did you not pay attention during courier school?

    Exemplary customer service knows no brand. If I feel a customer would do better with another company than so be it. I practice customer service every minute of the day to everyone and everything. Do you think it is fair to a customer to smile at them two days before Christmas and assure them that their package will make it even though you know it will probably be sitting in a wet puddle under a rotting ham for the next 6 days.
    The only people FedEx treats worse than the customer are it's employees. Screw you Fred. I sell UPS and USPS from now on.
    Oh and Dano, nice way to divert the topic of conversation from what is good for the customer to how will we help Express.

    Also got my California Settlement check yesterday. Thanks for the bonus FedEx. Keep em coming...