Unhappy With Your Mgr Or Sup?

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  1. Over The Years I've Been Visiting This Site, Many Of Your Posts Seems To Be Targeting Your Manager,sup Or P/t Sup. I Was Curious To Know If Ups Allows You Critique Your Mgr Or Sup's Performance On A Yearly Basis.

    Here At Fedex If You Don't Get A Satisfactory Review From Your Group Or Loop, It Directly Affects Their Status And Compensation.
    If The Mgr/sup Gets A Below-average Review,district Management Will Get Involved To Ensure Performance Will Improve.

    If The Person Gets Another Below-par Review That Person Will Be Replaced. Fedex Believes The Relationship Between The Loop And Management Is Critical To Achieving Our Performance Goals.

    How Does Ups And Union Resolve These Issues?
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    "If You Don't Get A Satisfactory Review From Your Group Or Loop, It Directly Affects Their Status And Compensation."

    I wish it was that easy at UPS for everyone to have respect for each other but, it's not.
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    Yea my {deleted by moderator} sup always gets bad reviews on the computer servay, and he always says that wont affect his pay check.... I am starting to think they have a secreat union, because the crapy sups never get fired or replaced, its always the workers....
  4. We recently had a employee fired for criticizing, and pointing out several of the managers mistakes. Was out a couple weeks before getting their job back.
  5. Yes we do have a survey for our center mgrs and on car supervisors. Its the ERI...they usually try and butter you up before you take the survey.
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    The ERI is a computer taken survey that ask's how you feel about most facets of UPS, including but not limited to how well you get along with your sup.
    I think that their xmas bonus is directly related to how positive or how negative the ERI results are.
    I have never heard of a sup being fired over a negative review because it's more of a generalization than critiquing one individual sup.
  7. ERI "employee relation index" IIRC

    Just took it, but seems to focus on three areas.

    Employee to Management Relations
    Employee to Company Relations
    Employee to Employee Relations
    (and maybe Employee to "vehicle" relations: comments on our vehicles)

    And yes it must have a direct affect on Management otherwise
    they wouldn't make such a big deal about it.

    We'd all just like to pull out of the building sometime before 9:30
    Here I am sitting at home, cause we don't start till 9:15, and I bet
    preload isn't done till 9:20(thats early)
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    Yeah, Fedex definitely has as advantage over UPS in the ability to control management destiny. Don't we all wish at UPS we could get rid of a manager or two that have affected our careers.
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    The fRed ex guy on my rt complains more than any ups driver I've ever heard--especially about mgt. Just another corporate giant.
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    I will say for the first time in several yrs I am happy with my mgmt most of the time.

    They are fair, that is all I ask.

    They act like humans with a life outside of brown, real refreshing.

    They treat us like people, with respect, greatly appreciated in the center, and the numbers, ah yes, those all important numbers have improved.

    But hes retiring soon, so I will enjoy it while I can. The best ones are the older ones, who actually worked all parts of UPS and have a working knowledge of the company, and soon they will all disappear, as the dinosaurs did.

    But for the present I have no complaints of my mgmt team, we work as a team again.

    But tomorrow is another day.
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    The Fedex driver I talk to says that their center just put their manager on 6 months notice with that voting thing to "straighten up." He says the manager is being very nice now.
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    that's why sir, your company will kick our company in the balls a few years down the road from now. The ups system allows lazy people to have a secure job, grown men co-workers to turn on each other, old workers bump new workers, 2 and half years of raping until make top rate ext........just to name a few. the very reasons will bring this company down someday.
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    It was probably a lot more than that. He probably showed up to work for months straight bringing nothing positive to the organization but calling the boss an idiot. Then he would go-on road and tell clients his boss is an idiot. Then his boss would ask him to do something and he wouldn't because he's "pointing out several of the managers mistakes". Then he would spend paid time to tell his co-workers how much of an idiot his boss is. Then when confronted by the boss, he probably called the boss an idiot.

    He's lucky to have his job back.

    You guys have to realize that it's an indicator. It's one pilar in the mansion. At FedEx, negative reviews alone don't dictate a manager's performance. It's based on his numbers, his attitude, his manager's opinions. Not just a survey.

    Same thing with UPS. It's preposterous to fire a manager simply over an ERI. If you were a supervisor over disgruntled employees with limited power with a massive organization that's not widely known for empowering people, I don't think you'd find it to be fair that an ERI is your sole indicator for whether or not you keep your job. It's based on the same common sense criteria as state above.

    There's always disgruntled employees. I ran into them when I worked for FX. They just don't realize how good they have it there. My manager at FX sucked. Every organization has crappy managers.

    It won't go down, it just won't go up.

    This is one advantage FX has over UPS: they're non union. This allows FX to hire the right people and retain the right people, particularly young keeners who appreciate a job without a boss on their back all day, good pay, and travel benefits. And the people who get promoted are the people who deserve to get promoted, not based on senority. They have a poitns system that calculates senority and scores from previous work reviews. So someone with 5 years senority and 100% on all of their reviews gets promoted over someone with 7 years senority and 75% reviews. And FX has a huge benefit over UPS: although they're not unionized, they have a massive policy book and a grievence board which, with respect to discipline, requires unanimous agreement. 2/3 of the board members are fellow front line workers.
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    Answering the question now: I'm happy with my supervisors. Their organization gives them little chance to really change things. I blame the organization, not the front liners who have the guts to deal with it. If I could constructively critique my supervisors, it happens too often that work is unevenly spread apart. One thing if it's based on senority, but it's based on work ethic. I know people with 3 months senority having to stack trailers and bust their asses off while the stoner burnouts with 2 weeks senority stand around picking the lightest trailer for 4 hours, and supervisors do little to evenly spread the workload.

    Furthermore, my supervisor doesn't delegate tasks very often. At night we need 3 people for southbound: 1 to remove box from line and put on rollers, another to pick from rollers into trailer, and another to stack. It so happens that I'm one of the 3 to southbound, alongside 2 burnouts that did nothing. Instead of showing leadership and rotating tasks daily (making the burnout stack the trailer), let alone telling who goes where regardless of equal distribution, our pt sup just stands around and waits for us to wrestle it out. Of course, I continue stacking in the trailers right below the heater.

    As much as I seem :censored2:, I'm really not. It's what I'm paid a damn good wage to do, and I hope this changes when I get senority. Because there's no way I can bust my ass off the way I am now for more than a year. And I'm hoping this is some kind of hazing. I'm only writing this long winded post because this is why UPS loses so many employees in the first 3 months.
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    Just do the best you can as far as rate...but always do it the right way...you will never be fired for not hitting rate but not following the methods will get you out the door.

  16. Just wanted to clarify, not all get fired (if any) they get "re-assigned". They just don't want them on the line if problems persist. And I also agree they are two-faced when their review is looming.

    Thank you for replying, not many people will admit the post was submitted by a competitor.
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    A bad ERI will not get a Supe fired. It may get a center manager reassigned, but not fired. The Supervisor is carrying out what he/she is told. The Supes and Mgrs are graded on their performace, but mostly by their peers or other managers. It is called the QPR.
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    alot of young guys like myself lost our drive long time ago. we are either moving on to another position or going back to school........
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    To messres Competition and Vengence: Don't go spreading your fedex bs on this board. Fedex managers don't give a squat about the SFA (survey feedback a---something) until a month before. Then they treat couriers like people and buy them donuts and think that will result in a good score. A minute after you finish the survey, they forget who you are and begin crapping all over you again...until a month before the next survey.
    By the way, wasn't the fredex always so quick to pump themselves up for being a top 10 best place to work? There used to be posters and articles hanging all over. Why don't they get so excited when over the past couple of years they dropped to #82 or didn't even make the top 100?
    Because their survey feedback is bogus. They know it, the managers know it. I would spend all of 2 minutes taking the survey and spend the rest of the allotted time sleeping. We were allowed 10-15 minutes in a private office to do the survey.