Uniforms...... Not the kind you think......and Not for everyone..

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by InsideUPS, Apr 26, 2013.

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    I'm sorry fellow BrownCafe'rs.... I'm not quite ready to put on my IBT cheerleading uniform about the recent UPS/Teamsters Tentative agreement. While I deeply appreciate the efforts of hall, et al... I have been around far too long not to be at least skeptical about what is in the actual language of this agreement. (thinking back to the 10,000 22.3 jobs of 97 - Subcontracting SurePost - to name a few)

    First, IF our new healthcare insurance is not equal or better to what we all have now, we UPS Teamsters have granted UPS CONCESSIONS.....pure and simple. That goes for existing and retired employees. Any of the monetary hourly raises we receive will be QUICKLY consumed by increased prescription costs, 20% co-pays...etc...

    For the record.....I could care less about Union Politics and TDU...... My concern has been and always will be for the people that I work with and represent as a steward... If I detect BS......I say it...regardless of who it offends... In my 34+ year career...I have seen too many times where workers have been screwed by both the company and our Union.. I do realize that a Union is a complex entity that involves many compromises that individual members may not fully understand. That said......putting positive spins on agreements is not new and has been repeated with every contract agreement.

    ONLY TWO ways to evaluate this contract.....

    1) DO THE MATH - Factor in potential healthcare costs...

    2) READ...READ...and READ.. READ the fine print especially on our health care package...

    For those that wish to wear the cheerleading uniforms early....take your pick.....but please...do not condemn those of us that like to read and understand the language before we start jumping up and down and start cheering... Yes....my mama taught me to be appreciative......but she also taught me to be smart.....


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    To late for me, I've seen a increase in Co-pays and prescription costs already. I have a 200 dollar copay just to use the emergency room. I've been in the Teamster healthcare for 18 years and now it looks like the rest of the country can join in the fun.
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    Hmmmm ... you don't know your audience very well do you?
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    Sorry Hoaxster......I'm going to plead the 5th Amendment on that one.....

    As you know.... I am already aware that you are an award winning....

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    Math and reading is hard, anyway, I'm sure the union will iron out what's best!
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    Absolutely Wally.... The Union will iron out what's best.......but NOT necessarily for you..

    The cheerleaders are out in full force with pom poms and everything. Thinking and reading for yourself seems to.......ah never mind...Hoaxster already pointed out the facts in his above post.

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    Dracula Package Car is cake compared to this...

    Those are some lame cheerleaders, man.
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    Just for Dracula....."Fresh Meat"... Hope you like Dallas...

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    much better
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    Those uniforms looks like they would last a lot longer than the ones we get. And keep their color and not turn Army green.
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    I'll have the same teamster run healthcare I have always had and It's doesn't cost me a dime... I don't pay copays except for prescriptions and the health plans reimburse me for those as we get a $600 credit (ft) $300 (Pt) to cover those..
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    I pray you get to keep that.. Are they not throwing everybody into the CS plan that I am in ??
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    Excellent to see a shop steward who is thinking for himself! I have heard way too much cheerleading over this.
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    Thank you over9five.. I have worked with all kinds of stewards over the years. Unfortunately, there are a number of stewards (and I have worked with a number of them) that will do and say ANYTHING that aligns with their Local BA, IBT, etc.. I call these the "hound dogs" of the Local. If the BA says "run".... the steward will take off with no questions asked. While allegiance can be an admirable quality , it can also lead to dangerous outcomes..... History will show a whole list of "leaders" that often "misled" those that followed. Jim Jones - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I just received my letter today from our Local which is basically the same thing listed on the Teamster.org site. It sickens me to read the political type rhetoric such as; "This is a great day for the Teamsters Union" said General President Jim Hoffa. UPS'ers are the backbone of the Teamsters Union and we are manipulated in a manner that best serves the Union in general rather than UPS employees specifically. Notice, the letter specifically stated "A GREAT DAY for the TEAMSTERS UNION".....not necessarily UPS'ers. IMHO, we are all pawns in this big game of chess between the IBT and UPS.