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  1. Does the union have any influence on Edcor?

    I have been trying for 2 months to get them to pay for Spring tuition. I've called the 20+ times and faxed them various forms at least 10.
    I am an auditor and have to fill out the paper forms instead of using the website. I wasted months trying to get on the approved auditor list to get fall reimbursement. I finally got it in March but I didn't check up on my Spring application they lost. Now everything is late and my application keeps getting rejected on appeal.
    I thought the union has some sway since edcor seems to be just the collector of paper work and doesn't actually decide anything.

    Can I file a grievance since it is UPS that has be messing with me for months?
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    EDCOR is a benefit offered by the company. The Union has nothing to do with it whatsoever as there is no mention of tuition reimbursement in the contract. You need to continue to follow-up on this on your own to make sure you receive what you are entitled to.
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    Don't get me started with Edcor.. They will do everything in their power to not reimburse you. I turn the paperwork in they say I'm missing a document. I turn that in, and they say I'm missing something else... So I turn that in and they go in a circle and say I'm missing that first document again. This goes on until the deadlines passes, and they say well you're late now. I'm only at UPS for the tuition reimbursement, and I hardly get it..
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    Contact your local union and bring them up to speed. If your with in a timely manner im pretty sure they can help you. I know I would, because it is a benefit that UPS hass been offering the union does have the right to help inforce it.