Union Contract-I cant find it!!!

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    Hey can someone send me a link to view the union contract? I know people will say to search it but I have for about 15 minutes and cant find the dang thing. Im wanting to look up full time hires time off and sick days and such is that written in the contract?

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    Article 54 Section 2 of the Atlantic Supplement covers it.

    There shall be 5 personal holidays for seniority employees. Seniority plus 12 months one personal holiday.

    Seniority plus 24 months - All personal holidays as provided herein for that entitlement year.
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    I keep my Union contract in the side pocket of my backpack, visible to all management when I walk by. Let's them know I'm ready for a fight.
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    The contract can be found here:


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    The OP should also read his supplement as the language may differ from the NMA. For example, we get 5 personal and 4 sick days here.
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    Hoffa can't find it either.