Union dues three weeks in a row

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    So recently I got a part time job at UPS. I've gotten paid on 11/08/2013, 11/15/2013 and 11/22/2013. On all three of these occasions I've gotten $25 taken out of my paycheck due to union dues. I was under the impression that it was only going to be $25 a month. This is ridiculous considering i only made $30 on the 8th, $52 on the 15th and $45 on the 22nd. How am i supposed to survive when 50% of my paycheck goes to the union? Is there someone I can call about this? half the time my supervisor tells me to go home after forty five minutes of work after I just took a hour long bus ride to the hub. anybody else know this feel?
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    Showing that you wanna do more than the bare minimum is always a +.
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    These are initiation fees, which are separate from dues.
    If you are not kept as a permanent employee after Christmas, your best bet is to visit the union hall or call, a withdrawal card refunds initiation fees here. (not dues)
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    You can try calling your local and tell them about it, but I doubt anything that you want would come out of it. This should have been foreseen by you before you signed that 1-9 along with the other documents. This job is not meant to pay your bills. I wouldn't recommend anyone with any responsibilities to take up this job. This job is practically for college students like me who still live with mommy and/or daddy and have no responsibilities.
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    the first three weeks it showed up as union dues and this weeks pay which i already got, 11/29/2013, it showed up as init fee. the frustrating part is i worked part time for ups back in 2009 for six months and already paid $250 initiation fees. now i am stuck paying it again. my supervisor only gives me 2.5hours a night which means i work for free for one night and even that doesn't cover the entire $25. today i ended up getting another $42 paycheck. 10 hours at 8.5usd per hour. earned $85usd then $15 out for taxes which brings it down to $70 and another $25 for union dues which brings it down to $45. then i have to spend $10 on the public trans. this is so unfair. will my supervisor be able to help with these weekly union dues or do i have to talk to the union hall?

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    Did you get a withdrawal card from the union the first time? if so then you should be able to get your init fee back, if not then you are probably not going to get any of it back, but doesn't hurt to call union. :groooansmileyf:
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    :congratualtions:Just keep that money comin Junior, old man has to retire soon!!!!!
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    I'm pretty sure that if you didn't pull a withdrawal card after your first job with UPS you may be responsible for dues from then till now. I know around here that guys on comp and disability who may be out for an extended time are told to get a W/D card or risk back paying dues.
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    If you leave UPS for ANY reason and won't continue paying dues get a withdrawal card. Otherwise you have to pay initiation again and/or back dues.
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    Alimony never ends either! At least it seem that way.
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    Yep. Death, Taxes, Alimony, and Union Dues. All are certain.