Union Dues?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Wally, Mar 9, 2013.

  1. Wally

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    How come we never discuss the price of our union dues? How much does the union spend, and where does the money go?
  2. Brownslave688

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    How dare we bite the hand that feeds us. Lol I'm sure that's how some feel.

    Really though u ask a good question. A question many don't dare touch because I think we are scared of what the answer is.
  3. Brown287

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    $99.50. When I started it was twice your hourly salary. Than the strike added an extra $10 to replenish the strike fund. Hey is it replenished yet? Than my local loss a wrongful termination lawsuit. The irony in that one is beyond belief. Anyhow that changed it to 2 1/2 times your hourly wage. So all that does not add up to $99.50. I asked my B A and he argued with me that it's only the 2 1/2 plus the ten dollars, so I showed him my check. His response was that the local gets very little of it, and that it all goes to the national.
    I agree where does it all go?
  4. PiedmontSteward

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    Dues in my local are 2.5 times your hourly rate rounded to the nearest dollar, if you make over $11.00/hour.

    Top rate (for package car/feeder drivers) is $80/month. My current rate is $37/month and I'm happy to pay it.

    You can pull up the LM2 audit forms for the IBT or your local here: Organization Query Page (Disclosure)

    If you actually attend your union meetings, your local's secretary treasurer is required to read the financial report and the trustees verify it. Every penny is accounted for - line by line.

    1BROWNWRENCH Amateur Malthusian

    If that were true for me, I'd only be paying $77.52 a month. Right now I pay $93.75/ mo and I am stiil getting the same as 3 yrs ago minus cola. IAM confiscated our raises last contract to rehab our pension fund after it ran into the ground! My hourly stays the same, yet my dues continue to rise. Glad to see how HARD they worked when they asked us to roll over the previous contract before telling us how the fund was going to be fixed.:angry:
  6. stink219

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    I pay 92 a month. I think it's chump change compared to what I get. Free legal, gym reimbursement, job security, a slew of discounts, etc, all for less than my cell phone bill? Guys, I'd pay a lot more for what we got. It takes a lot to run this union both economically and politically. Just my opinion.
  7. ups legacy

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    wow stink! you must get a discount on your dues, i pay $97. just went up with the recent raise.
  8. steelbed1

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    I was a union carpenter and use too have to pay about the same as I do now but had worse benifits and was routinely screwed but the union
    Belive me when I say that I am glad to posy these dues. The union is still fighting for us and we still have a strike fund , something many unions don't have anymore.
  9. steelbed1

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    Not to sound like a dooch but I'd be happy to keep the current contract if it means not giving up the bennies. If we get greedy well f ourselves, with that said we still need to fight for cola. Pray for the best but expect the worst
    I'm always expecting a strike
    Keep some three months pay in cash tucked away
  10. stink219

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    You might be right. Ours is 3 times the hourly wage. I haven't checked since the Feb 1st raise.
  11. BigUnionGuy

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    Good post.

    Your Local receives a portion of your dues for expenses such as salaries, utilities, mortgage or rent, etc...

    Part of your dues money is paid in the form of "Per Capita" to your Local Joint Council, State or Regional Conference, and finally the IBT.

    The LM2 forms are readily accessible online for each entity.

    This is a good question raised by the OP. A lot of people don't know.

    Attend your Local's monthly meeting, and you won't feel like you are in the dark.

  12. Brownslave688

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    I know I've said it about 1000 times but a cost of living raise for a full scale driver is about $1 an hour every year.
  13. 104Feeder

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    Anyone who bitches about their union dues has:
    1. Never been to a Union meeting.
    2. Never used the free legal services.

    Local's put every expenditure right up on display for anyone to question. Use the legal just once and you'll make back every penny you've ever paid in dues.
  14. Anonymous 10

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    Don't worry about it and just pay it. They have negotiated a good life for you. Shut up and enjoy it.
  15. Inthegame

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    The IBT Constitution guides the dues rates and Piedmont accurately stated the numbers, however Local Unions can increase the dues/assessments with membership approval for extraordinary expenses. In most cases, the IBT gets 22% of dues/initiation. Every cent of expenses and income is reported to the membership.
  16. brownboyups

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    local 182 upstate NY...$77 per month
    small price to pay for 2012 final take ($84,700) my best year ever
    thank you teamsters
  17. Anonymous 10

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    To bad we can't clone you with that attitude.
  18. rod

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    I thank you for your support
  19. PiedmontSteward

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    I have scab PT'ers that are making $18-24/hr in my hub with health insurance they don't pay for complaining they "can't afford" $40/month in union dues.

    The same people leave work an hour early every day or lay out of work 2+ days a week after burning through their vacations and personal days by the end of January. Fortunately, most of them no longer speak to me.

    And people wonder why I'm bitter.
  20. airintrace

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    I pay $76 a month and glad to pay it for what I get. I can't even get an hibachi family dinner for that price.