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    Well I'm a part time pre-loader that got kept after seasonal and when I fist started they took 25$ off every check till I reached 250$. Now they only take 20$ a month which I'm fine with but today they took 37$ for union dues. Any ideas as to why it went from 20 to 37? Any input is appreciated thanks.

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    You will notice different amounts all the time. I'm usually around $18 and paid $37.50 a few weeks back. You should be paying 2.5 x your hourly rate of pay per month, plus $4 extra for part-time and $8 extra for full-time each month.
    This is only for people above a certain hourly rate, I think it's around $12 an hour. Somebody chime in with that number please? Under that hourly rate of say $12 you should pay a low fixed amount every week and not the hourly multiple.
    Hope this helps, take care and good luck to you.
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    Union dues are usually around 2 1/2 times your hourly wage but that varies a little by location. So if you make $10 hr you should be paying around $25 a month. You can figure out what you should be paying if the $37 isn't close you should ask your steward what the rate should be than go ask your HR person if it not right....
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    We are 3 x our hourly in Upstate NY.
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    Thanks guys appreciate it. Turns out that now I pay 22$ instead of 20$ because I got a raise and the other 15$ are being refunded because I had to schedule a picketing date and I hadn't yet. Thanks again