union gave away my extra time

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    I've been at ups for 15 years doing a presort for 8 years. A few individuals grievanced me to get the time and somehow won. I will add that is not in my normal area. I went through this 5 years ago though and I won. I was told the last time after 30 working days it's yours. Does anybody know something I don't? The union won't help me. Any advice would be appreciated. I just call bs though. Local 396, thanks...
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    Time for what?
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    That was my first question.
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    Doesn't give much to go on do they?
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    Don't know anything about 396's supplement, but in our area setup time goes to the most senior employee that's qualified and available. Is that what happened?
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    Let me throw in my 2¢.

    They didn't "grievance you".... so to speak.

    It sounds like you were preforming extra work, outside of your normal work area.

    They grieved it, and both parties (Union and company) agreed to a contractual resolution.

    A copy of a previous grievance would help your case.

    If... you filed.


    After 30 (working) days, it can be considered a permanent position.

    Then, subject to Local seniority or bidding procedures.

    They won't talk, and explain it to you ?

    Or, is their answer.... something you don't want to hear ?

    Help us out.