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    Okay so I have a question that I haven't been able to find the answer to within my hand-book. So I have seniority over another co-worker. We both load the Vans in the morning. 9:00am rolls around and management will tell me to go home and yet they will let her stay and finish wrapping up. Is that legal within the union rule book? I hate to sound that it's a big deal, but it's just annoying. Also it'd be nice to have some type of leverage over the management @ my hub. They're ****ing crooks.
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    Check the OR the following morning to see how much longer she worked and file a grievance for that time.
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    Assuming that you are both on straight time, yes you should be working and she should be sent home. If you are on OT by 9am, and she is not, then she should stay. I've seen preloads with staggered start times for some individuals, so that is a possibility.

    Your best bet is to get involved in the union, firstly; and secondly, bring this to the stewards attention. Just keep in mind that you'll be receiving some extra attention for filing.
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    @Sleeve, were both straight time. No in all honesty I don't really want to make a deal out of it. I guess venting is a way to put this. I'm tired of loading 4 trucks and help splitting the belt while a female worker gets the pleasure of loading 2 (small) trucks. Also tired of getting shi** from management plainly because im the youngest there!. So it's just annoying that I work my a** off and get sent home while she just stands and talks to the drivers while they finish her load. :/ . Is the money even worth it FT?!?!?!?!?!
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    I would say, "I'll stay". "Send the lower seniority home first".
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    Sup should ask you if you want to stay or go. Then depending on your answer would tell your co-worker either she has to stay and wrap up or go home. Ask from the top and force from the bottom.
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    If you voluntarily go home when instructed then you have no argument. But if you actually speak up and they send you home anyway, then file a grievance for her time.
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    I would say her is your grievance..............thats a big pile of B.S.!
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    Well, just by reading your text, your answer in in your own words.

    Maybe you should leave a little in the tanks, eh?

    Slow and steady wins the race.
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    Maybe the sup prefers to stare at her rack than your sweaty back.
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    Hate to admit it,but your right.....................................................................................................................Boobs trump seniority!...lol
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    Is she hot????
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    lol if only that were true.....Although, I have to admit, I have wondered a few times over the years.....if I were a guy, I probably would've been fired at least once by now....lol. To the OP...they pull this crap all the time in my center. Tell them you want to stay. If they say no, punch out and file.
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    "You set the bar", which is what Dracula hinted at. I think with maturity, you'll see that you are upset over the social dynamics rather than being sent home early.
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    I disagree. The whole cutting senior PT'ers before they hit OT thing is a myth perpetuated by UPS. The only time a senior person should be cut ahead of a junior one would be if the junior hasn't gotten their 3.5 hour guarantee yet, the senior already has, and there's only enough work left for one of them.
  16. UnsurePost

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    Interesting, thanks.
    I would say that after five hours, at least up here, the myth is perpetuated by both union and UPS. I have seen cases where UPS did not have to keep people past five hours, the same way that a PT'er is never forced OT.
  17. PiedmontSteward

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    Honestly, it might depend on past practice and supplement language if it's something accepted by the union. We're fortunate enough in my area to have the clause "Seniority (...) shall prevail at all times" under our supplement. It's a nice catch-all.
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    I know what it is like to be young at UPS (below 21), you get treated like some little punk if you dont speak up. I started when I was 18. You need to talk to the managers in their office privately about it first. If it doesnt work, go to your shop steward and file a grirvance and show them that you mean business. If they harass you after that or discipline you over a small thing, counter it with a harassment grievance. Dont listen to what any fraidy cats on here say, don't back down!!
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    A seniority preloader would load package cars...not vans! Maybe vans=troll
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    People call them different things, such as: cars, pc, package cars, vans, trucks, etc. And am I the only one who is tired of the word "troll"? It's overplayed and annoying. Atleast say "loser" or "get a life".