Union Politics - International Vice President of the Western Region goes nuts w delegates!

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Evil, Sep 16, 2015.

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    Ronnie goes nuts!

    I know there are some Local 396 members here. It's a large UPS Local, although they are also a large sanitation Local. The 396 delegate election plan was just posted online yesterday:


    It contains something that I have never before seen. The Local has more alternate delegates than delegates! 12 delegates and 14 alternate delegates!

    Is Ronnie assuming that not only will all 12 delegates drop out before or during the convention, but that two of the 12 alternates who replace the delegates will also drop out? No. This is just rewarding political supporters of his, using the hard earned dues money paid by his members.

    Some Locals also use dues money to pay to send even more members, beyond the delegates and alternates. That's just insane, and it should be illegal.

    That's not what the oath of office that all Teamster officers said out loud says. The language varies, but basically the oath says that the officers will remember that it is the members who elected them, and it is the members whom they will serve. Not just the members who kiss their tails, but every member that pays dues.

    I really really hope that Ronnie loses the delegate election. Not to mention the General Executive Board election, the Local 396 officers election, and any election that bastard ever is in.
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    If the other guys win then you can decide to send only 12 if you want. You obviously don't have the clout to change it so you run to this message board and cry about it.