Union Politics - Putting 186 Members First was nominated Saturday Morning in SoCal:

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Evil, Nov 2, 2015.

  1. Evil

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    The Abel G slate: "Putting 186 Members First" was nominated on Saturday morning.

    The reform slate packed the union hall and incumbent awful supporter Bill E didn't even have 10 supporters.

    Three years ago Abel G and Benny H split the vote against Bill E. Abel lost to Bill by 57 votes. Now Abel and Benny have joined forces. Together they received over 60% of the vote against awful supporter Bill E.

    Local 186 is seeking to become the first reform (not TDU...but very anti-Hoffa) local in Southern California to openly oppose awful!

    JC 42 is freaking out because AG will not only win, but they will not sell out!

    San Jose local in Nor Cal recently won and Rome A is angered because they have committed to back the Teamsters United slate!
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    Are you smoking some kind of bath salts or something? This is the tdu forum. There is like three whole people who care here.
  3. TimeForChange

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    There's at least four, Lead Balloon. And did you read the first post? In the last election the Bill E We Love awful Slate got 40% of the vote.
  4. Evil

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    This was the vote tally three years ago at Local 186:

    Bill E Slate: 300 for 37.22%
    Abel G Slate: 257 for 31.88%
    Ben H Slate: 249 for 30.08%

    Together the two opposing slates got 61.96% of the vote. Now they have joined forces and should do better than three years ago.

    Bill E had about 12 total supporters including him and his seven member slate at last Saturday's nomination. So in other words there was five supporters. Abel and Benny had over 60 supporters.

    Anybody want to put money down? I bet that Bill E's "We love awful Slate" gets knocked out on December 10?
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