Union Politics - Shop Steward Petitions not Honored @ 952

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Evil, Oct 28, 2015.

  1. Evil

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    YRC members at Local 952 circulated a petition to get a shop steward election. Their BA and principal hofficer Patrick K has stated he will not honor it.

    Similar situation happened at the UPS hub in Laguna when even the appointed stewards signed the petition. Recording Secretary and chief UPS BA Grant "the used car salesman" M instructed his BA Dave M not to honor it because the reformers would win that election.

    Nothing changes at Local 952 under PK. It was announced recently that VP Donnie " Skin Head-DUI" B is attempting to form a slate to run against PK.

    Local 952 is falling apart and all PK can do is spend the members money on In-N-Out burgers.
  2. hondo

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    What does the L952 bylaws say about stewards?
    Is there language about electing them?
    Term of office?
    Provisions for replacement if elected steward leaves office voluntarily?
    Provisions for removing elected steward from office?

    What are the issues precipitating the call for a steward election?
  3. LagunaBrown

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    Evil you are not from local 952 and your making YRC allegations (totally different beast) on a UPS forum...... Man you TDU guys are desperate.

    I like how you fail to mention how every local is different and some stewards appointed while others elected. Like Hondo said you should read the bylaws because that UPS claim was made up by some TDU minion that never read the rules and that no authority in the matter.

    Now I don't know about YRC and not going to claim anything accept maybe you should stop trying to be a big Union guy online and run a slate if you think you can do better. You know you been blasting the local for over 6 years and have not won an election yet.
  4. Mugarolla

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    Check the bylaws.

    Some state that stewards are elected and can be replaced.

    Others state that they are appointed.

    Just because there is a petition, doesn't mean an election will happen.

    If the local is going against the bylaws, it is an easy fix. If they are not, then not much can be done.

    I do agree though, that the local should respect what the majority asks for.
  5. Evil

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    First of ball just like you defend the 104 liar aka the Marshmallow I defend my 952 brothers and sisters.

    Second, do the drivers not elect your stewards in Anaheim and beautiful Laguna? Were you appointed by the "used car salesman" as steward?

    Third, my understanding is YRC has always elected their stewards. But all of the the sudden the Irishman does not want to honor it because those who oppose him would win.

    Fourth, we do have a delegates slate going against "the chipmunk" that involve 10 very upset sanitation members.

    Any more questions?
  6. BigUnionGuy

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    First of ball....

  7. Lead Belly

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    What are you going to do take your ball and go home???
  8. WeDon'tForget

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    LagunaBrown, if it is true that the members at YRC are getting a petition going and it is signed by majority of the members, do you think it is PK'S duty to honor the petition?
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  9. WeDon'tForget

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    Just goes to prove the self serving crap that happens at this local. Just a couple months back PK honored a petition for a new steward election at YRC but he won't honor this one. GM won't honor a a petition at Laguna but honored a petition at Anaheim right after the last local to election to remove steward EJ because he ran against him. If the petition works for them they honor it. If not ,tuff :censored2: dues paying members. Runs the same way inside the local also, right KG?
  10. Evil

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    He obviously does not think the petition should be honored. To lagunabrown PK is King and no one should question his reign. lagunabrown will take a bullet for King PK.
  11. Evil

    Evil Active Member

    Word has it that "the used car salesman" aka GM promoted a petition to get EJ removed as steward following the last election. Unfortunately for the 6'6 management puppet EJ was reelected.

    lagunabrown had no issues with the members honoring that petition but now all of the sudden he's ok with PK not honoring the YRC petition because his puppets will lose. lagunabrown you're a goon!
  12. LagunaBrown

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    Your so full of it.... Just like that petition to get rid of a BA....It NEVER even existed! Your so predictable I have had the "petition" avatar on for months to call BS on you and low and behold another thread about the same nonsense. You want to keep putting 952 posts up? I'll post every BS one you jokers every threw out and put up and the results. It's the same old bogus stories of trusteeship, uprising, trouble, petitions, bankruptcy, mergers, and my favorite jail. Do me a favor and start a YRC forum and take your T-net trolls with you! SMH.

    Go call SB for back up, you need it.
  13. LagunaBrown

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    It's not about what I think, it's about the rules rookie! Now get off the internet and read the bylaws. We all know if the local was wrong you would be the first to post here telling people to call the IRB so my guess is your wrong again just like you were for UPS. Don't hate The local because your ignorant and can't beat them in an election.
  14. The Silent Bang

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    There is nothing in the locals by-laws that address stewards. There's plenty of language concerning filing charges but not one thing on how stewards are elected, appointed or removed. I know years ago PK removed a elected steward from YRC because he didn't see eye to eye with him.
    This is the problem at local 952, members aren't informed enough to do anything about the injustices at the local.
    But that soon is going to change!
  15. The Silent Bang

    The Silent Bang Active Member

    You seem to think you in the know. What can you tell us about steward elections rules at local 952.
    Have you read the bylaws? And if you have whats your interpretation?
  16. LagunaBrown

    LagunaBrown Well-Known Member

    I ONLY speak for UPS because every trade has different rules. Hell every UPS local had different rules here is an example........

    1. Check Bylaws - Nothing in the Bylaws means you got no case (go to to step 2) Some locals like UPS Local 804 has steward election language in the bylaws. 804 also has language in article 19 of their supplement and they give their UPS stewards "SUPER SENIORITY" (I wonder how the members feel about that) but the local chooses units that are elected and or appointed......
    2. Check you contract. (Every local is different) For us its article 4. NOTICE THE WORD DESIGNATE, I put the definition for you.


    verb: designate; 3rd person present: designates; past tense: designated; past participle: designated; gerund or present participle: designating
    appoint (someone) to a specified position.
    "he was designated as prime minister"
    synonyms: appoint, nominate, depute, delegate

    (Try reading your contract and get back to me for tutelage)

    The infamous EE and his reformers have been crying about this since 2010 as as a bullet point mainly to win votes because they lost the elections in 2010 and 2013. Here it is 2015 five years later and its the same old recycled TDU crap. The truth is some units are appointed and some elected but its up to the local, bylaws and contract depending on number of combos, porters, drivers or part timers (part-timers have high turnover rate either leaving job or going Driving).

    4. Why are we talkin about YRC on a UPS forum? (see step 3)
  17. Evil

    Evil Active Member

    Do the bylaws state the "used car saleman" can appoint pot head and pill popping members as stewards?

    Just ask your ex appointed stewards who I'm talking about.

    I hear the "used car salesman" approved him.
  18. Bubblehead

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    It seems pretty simple to me.
    While it would appear that the bylaws don't specifically provide for a stewards election, it also appears to have possibly been done in the past, hence the petition, or was the notion conjured out of thin air?
    If the principle officer and or Eboard feels it necessary to ignore this request by a majority of the bargaining unit members in this shop, they have committed political suicide and should be castrated as such in the next local election.

    When is the next local election?
  19. The Silent Bang

    The Silent Bang Active Member

    Next year, but my local is know for ignoring petitions from our members.
  20. The Silent Bang

    The Silent Bang Active Member

    Have you ever heard of the "one" year rule concerning steward elections?