Union Politics - The Los Angeles Local 630 Old Guard Circus Continues!!!

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    This past weekend Local 630 had a nomination meeting where five slates were nominated.
    Both Ernie L the Secretary Treasurer (Principal Hofficer) and Xavier S (President) the second in command Split and are running separate slates.

    Another BA Emilio A who ratted out Jim S at Local 848 and was fired by Eric T when he was elected by the executive board to become principal hofficer is also running his own slate.

    Emilio was hired at Local 630 as BA when the local was placed into trusteeship in 2011 and handed over to Randy "manslaughter" K.

    When the local election was held at 630, Mr. Manslaughter, the handpicked Junior trustee got his butt handed by the Ernie slate in a three way race. Local 630 in majority is made up of Spanish speaking Latino workers. When the kmade racist remarks there was a flier that was made in Spanish with his statements, plus his criminal background. It worked in favor of the Ernie slate and the murderer cried like a little girl!

    Today they have all split and there's two other candidates, including at least one other BA running their own slates.

    Every single one of these backstabbing opportunists running are loyal to Junior and against the members!
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    Yep if it wasn't for the gun and abortion thing the republicans would loose most of their vote base....especially for the under 200k club