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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Jarod Springman, Jul 4, 2011.

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    I'm glad we aren't the only ones who the union trys to pick and choose its battles. Getting real tired of that crap. Local 716 in Indianapolis.
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    The devil is in the details. Feel free to elaborate.
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    Put the beer down....

    And step away from the chicken wing....

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    First, you know how we are supposed to vote on rule changes well not the case they rammed uniforms down our throat. did some of us need uniforms yes but atleast the could have shorts to go with our pants. Rammed hard hats down our throats. little nick nack crap and it all adds up. BA saying lets not file on that because it could take a long time to have it resolved. Oh yeah i forgot our contract expired on april 14 and neither one is in any big hurry to sign a new one. If you call the BA and tell him you feel like we need to strike he says If you strike now and Indy doesnt strike you will just be hurting yourselves. My question to him was why are we paying union dues if you wont do a**thing for us. Needless to say he hung up on me. I don't think i want to strike but i know i don't want to work any longer with out a contract or work under the last contract. thanks for letting me rant
    please comment and give me your opinion and ideas on what i can do.
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    Sounds like you needed to rant.
    Only thing that comes to mind is quit.


    Let me tell you one thing about the Union, they have their faults and whatnot, but if it was not for the Union, the Benefits, the Pay and the oppty. to Go Driving would not be what they are now. you really need to pick and choose your battles, this the problem these days everyone wants something for nothing! The Union can only do so Much. Appreciate what you have because there are a lot of people worse off than you!
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    If not for the union this job would be like any other crappy part time job... no benefits no raises definitely no retirement, crap hours plus you have no rights at all as an employee. I love the union they are the reason I love this job.
  8. Jarod Springman

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    Has anyone been thru a strike? 716 is telling us "if we strike we are not promised our jobs back". So what kind of bargaining power do we have than. Should we just bend over and take it? I don't wont to strike if i won't have a job after its done.
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    I've got no dog in this fight.......but,never do anything you don't want to do!!
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    Nobody else.......
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    Hard hats and no shorts? The horror!
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    Contract signed. Thanks for all your opinions.