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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by pkg handler, Feb 13, 2008.

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    ok so I have been employed for 6 months now at ups. I was wondering and this came up a few days ago that i should have a union rep or steward ? or something about the teamsters ..my supes were very vague when talking about it . I rather not go to them to ask them about it seeing as im not on the best of terms with mangement right now :happy-very:.. any help ?
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    Well, do you have a question for them? Or do you want one present at a meeting with management? What are you asking?
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    no there was a minor mishap and i was asked if i wanted a union steward present ..it was just a misunderstanding and my supe is real relaxed so i declined .. it was just talk between us.. but do i have to sign up or am i in the union now ..? theyre very vague here about everything : raises , seniority , when benefits kick in , etc etc ..

    they also asked who my union rep was ..? i had no idea lol
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    You generally sign a piece of paper agreeing to become part of the union during your Cornerstone class. Have they taken out initiation fees? Dues? If so, you're in the union. If not, you may want to get in contact with your local and speak to them about membership.

    Having a steward present isn't necessary but it can help if they are going to discipline you. If you're just meeting with your PT supe (who has little power) then you probably won't need one present. If you're being called in to see your FT supe or manager, though, you may want one present as those sorts of meetings more often than not attempt to involve some sort of discipline.
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    yea thanks dude... answered all my questions .. great movie by the way :

    " well thats just your opinion ..man "
    "no one messes with the Jesus ! "
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    When management asks to talk to you about something, your first question should be, can this lead to me being disciplined. Ifso than you should have a steward present. If its just a freindly talk about helping you do your job or a little heads up about your attendance than that fine, but anytime you can get into trouble i strongly suggest you have a steward present.
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    Hey Red.......I agree with you. But, doesn't Management always give the stewards heads up first when progressive discipline is in the works especially terminations? I most certainly believe this to be true..........

    I beleive asking for Union representation can lead to disipline!

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    I was involved in a pretty bad accident 2 weeks ago, i was traveling north through an intersection and a car traveling east t-boned me at my drivers-side rear tires almost tipping the truck over. Lots of damage to car not so much to truck, i had the green light but the accident was deemed my fault due to not clearing the intersection. i was dicharged and it went to the first hearing but it was then deadlocked, the 2-state hearing has been postponed for a few weeks but im not sure the outcome will be good.
  9. trplnkl

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    If you had the legal right of way, you were not at fault. There is a big difference in at fault and avoidable. At fault, the accident occurred because of something you did wrong, such as run a red light, stop sign, failure to yield. Avoidable is usually something you did not do, such as not clearing the intersection, or not using any of the safe driving methods.
    Most people that I have heard of get their jobs back but only after the panel hearings. The delay is a common tactic used by UP$ to starve out the employee. If you've missed 4 or 5 paychecks you will be more willing to except an offer to return without back pay and let them switch the punishment to a suspension rather than a termination. I'n sure you will get many more replies with advice, keep reading. Hang in there...NEVER say DIE!
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    I can't believe they are taking this to the panel. While I understand our point about clearing the intersection I don't think our logic will sell well at a panel when the guy getting fired is the one who got t-boned.
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    It's as logical as getting fired for getting hit by a speeding motorcyclist.
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    Always ask for union representation!!!!!! Any talk with supervisors about any thing no matter how minor you think they are can turn into disciplinary action at any time. The company doesn't have to offer union rep. you are responsible for asking for it.Federal NLRA says you have the Weingarten right, but you have to ask for it.:happy-very::happy-very::happy-very: