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    I hope that you guys stand up for yourselves at UPS. Fedex Express driver here. around 6 yrs of service. around $15 an hour. $90+ for individual and 390+ for family insurance. no raises this year with no end in site with 1.8% profits at express division. they are kickin all the business to ground for more profits since they pay no benefits/pension to contractors. So my ? to the people who are anti union and think it will get better without the union. Have fun working for less and less or more expensive benefits. Nothing else would change like the harassment or the pace they want or do work at.
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    If you guys only had hall we would all live like kings.
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    Why would it get better without the union?

    Our wages and benefits force ups to push us to perform. I have no problem with this. Any big business's will always push for more and more. Might as well get paid to do it.
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    I will only read your posts if...you can say the...TDU...really sucks!!!
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    TDU still sucks
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    Are you sure?
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    You can't see it on the app, but my signature on every post says TDU SUCKS!!
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    You might be surprised by the number of people that believe that unions have outlived their usefulness.

    "There was a time when unions were good. They're really not needed anymore."

    I hear that whenever a conversation about unions comes up.
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    That's when I show them my W2s.
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    maybe they do but when the IBT creates a vacuum by keeping us in the dark people will listen to ANYONE who speaks up.
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    I suppose you are not a PTer. Min. wage and no benefits for three hours a night. Maybe. And union dues.
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    That's when the high school kid at Mc Donalds shows me his W 2.
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    I WAS a part timer for 7 years. My first paycheck was $90 dollars. Last year I make $90K.
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    When were you a part-timer?

    If you spent 7 years part-time, and now make top-rate, then you started at 8.50 ten years ago, at the latest.

    Ten years ago, your 8.50 was worth 10.76 today.
    The Inflation Calculator

    So, you're giving a hard time to a guy whose pay is more than 20% lower than yours was.

    And you got benefits for your family more than a year before he did (or will).

    And that's the best case scenario. If you started more than ten years ago, then the discrepancy is even worse.

    Your total compensation for those 7 part-time years surpasses his by a country mile. It would help a great deal if full-timers realized this. You guys may have walked to the hub in the snow, uphill both ways, but the hills have gotten steeper and icier.

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    We still haven't got cake and ice cream yet, so, the negotiations drag on.:obeyhypnosmiley:
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    A union is needed at ups.They would try to take your childrens souls if given the chance.
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    I started at 8 bucks. Close to 20 years ago. I wasn't knocking anyone. I was comparing it to non union workers. I've said it many times. It doesn't matter where you start, it matters where you end up.
  19. wilberforce15

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    $8.00 from twenty years ago is worth $12.90 today.

    So, you started at $12.90. Folks today start at $8.50.

    It's really, really easy to say it doesn't matter where you start, when you started at a pay rate more than 50% higher than today.

    And the new guy is going to wait how many times longer to get any benefits at all for himself or his family? 4 times longer? 6 times longer?

    Yeah, "it doesn't matter where you start." Sure thing, boss. In your seven years, you got well into 5-figures more compensation than new guys today get in their first 7 years. Please don't pretend it's even remotely the same thing. It's not.
  20. stink219

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    My very first job was also $2.15/hr to start. What's your point? Dude, wtf are you talking about? I started part time and I'm a full time driver now. I don't get your point. This thread is union vs non union. All I did was state that I'm glad I'm in a union. I make more driving a truck then my friends with masters degrees. So you decided to pick my starting wage apart. Who the f@ck are you? I know the part time wage sucks. But the part timers have the most pull to change that dynamic in the vote. But they don't vote. Maybe you should be picking a fight with them instead before you get a verbal rape.