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    Well, When I first hired from UPS, one guy told me to join Union by telling all the good stuffs they offer, so I signed up for union. I didn't know there was union fee that I have to pay every month.. about $17. However I can accept the system of union, but on Feb 6 they had taken $19 as a uniondue from my paycheck and I thought wow fee has been increased for 2bucks and then I checked my paycheck today which is Feb 13, and another uniondue was taken away under my paycheck. I dont understand this situation. So i emailed to teamsterlocal767 which i guess is the name of union, and they replyed as they appolize for U.P.S's error, that they can't do anything but it was UPS's error.
    Do I have to stay in union? or if i don't have to is there any way i can get out from there cuz I dont want my money to be taken anymore
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    Take copies of your paystubs to your sup, highlight the error(s), and ask him/her to take care of it.
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    This is a UPS error, don't blame the union on this one.
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    rethink dropping the union you may regret it

    i believe they take dues from you everyweek till you pay a certain amount then once a month
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    Initiation fees are killer.
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    Kenmie- is that you?:peaceful:
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    the word around our building today is everyone got union dues taken out twice this month, 2/6/09 and 2/13/09. sounds like a skrew up at local 542.
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    $19 beats $73 or whatever it is these days.