United Parcel Service "outperform," target price reduced

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    United Parcel Service "outperform," target price reduced - New Ratings

    Analyst J H Seidl of Credit Suisse reiterates his "outperform" rating on United Parcel Service Inc, while reducing his estimates for the company. The target price has been reduced from $88 to $85.

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    How Long Am I Going To Hear " Target " Prices For Ups Stock In The $ 80.00 To $ 90.00 Range ? Its Never Going To Happen Under The Present Company Profile . Ifthey Offer Another Buy Out To 3500 Management And Higher Paying Teamster Employee's..then Watch Out. At Present. The Interest In The Stock Is Due To Consistent Dividends..paid To The Large Investment Holders Who Slide Their Sales Back And Forth Based On The Trends Of The Stock Price.