United Parcel Teamsters Ratify New Five-Year Contract

happy harry

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Just a quick question. I see alot of back and forth battle about how good this contract is and how bad it is going to be for others. Could someone shed some light maybe some highlighted points. Just so i can understand whats going on. Thanks


:sick: This article is interesting were it only shows the positive points it does not point out the negative parts of this agreement. The first thing that comes to mind is all the give backs and selling out our unborn which is our future . Also this may look good now for the central states to pull out lets see how long this deal will last on a positive note after several years have past. Will ups keep its promise to its union employees ask yourself was this in the best interest for the hard working union employees 35 years of service for only a mere $3000 a month is not enough from a company that makes billions in profit each year .