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  1. Scotsman

    Scotsman Scotsman

    ...detained all drivers in our center last Friday after Xmas... told us "nobody punches out without permission". I sat in the office with my feet on the desk after work waiting over an hour on route for the permission...(as more drivers came in, they too sat and did nothing). Center manager and bldg manager were in a office meeting, the on-road team had no reason... just said "don't punch out" and violate the "work as directed order".

    Rumor has it... we were forced to work 13.5 hrs before we could go, even though there was nothing to do. Then they decided to sent us to unload all weather related missed pkgs (thousands due to snow and ice in Oregon) into a trailer...

    ...5 drivers, all on overtime, ($200/hr) in one trailer scanning and loading the re-handles. By 9pm, most drivers bull*****-ing on the belt, trying to figue out why the company was doing this. A couple of :censored2: off drivers said "screw-em, I'm going home!".:biting:

    I told them I'll go "code 5" so I get home for my Christmas with my family, since they travel out of state while I stay home and sacrifice for the company.:whiteflag:

    My family was waiting for me to be Santa that night and were outraged (along with many others) as to "why" the company was doing this? they certainly were not concerned about wasting money.:angry:

    About 9:30pm... Center manager shows up, shakes each hand and says... "Merry Christmas... you can go home now."

    Was it just my center? or was it a Natl decision?

    Anybody else go through this?
  2. outamyway

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    It probably had to to with the weather and bad planning.

    Most drivers in our center(I'm not positive about how the rest of the building handled the Day After Christmas Massacre) were just getting back a little after 7:30 pm. All of us with uncompleted stops. We were told at 5:00 to stop delivering business and continue residential stops. We were then told to stop delivering at 7:00 and any uncompleted stops would be scanned as futures at the building. I don't even want to go into details about that day, it would just be too much to write.

    This had nothing to do with weather though. Just piss poor planning and effort by our cheap ass upper management. Trying to save a little now just so they can pay a ton more later on.

    I'll take my 3 hours of over time at full rate. With that I was happy not to come in Saturday for extra work.
  3. govols019

    govols019 You smell that?

    I will have to say that this was the absolute worse day after Christmas I've ever seen. I clocked out at just under 11 hours and there were other drivers still out.
  4. New Englander

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    Way to go UPS on the projections. Our center projections were off by 300% on the day after.

    I'm SO glad corporate does all the dispatching now!
  5. UPSNewbie

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    Kind of like this?
  6. dilligaf

    dilligaf IN VINO VERITAS

    Aside from the hrs (which were taken care for the most part because the sup wanted to go home) we had no other issues. We were not forced to sit around and wait.
  7. brownrodster

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    I punched out at 10 on friday night... And had many undelivered packages in my car when I did so.
  8. bears2

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    here in our louisville air district anytime volume doesnt get out due to bad weather etc they wont let anyone leave until the situation is under control. It could be staying at work waiting an working late planes for 16 hours an in some cases longer.

    I think that managers make us stay primarily so their boss see's that they tried.If volume is backed up and they let workers go home after 8-9 hours and packages are sitting im sure they have alot to answer.Center managers dont wanna stay either.

    Do what i do.Save occurances and on predictible bad days where you know you may have to stay forever,call in
  9. rushfan

    rushfan Well-Known Member

    13 hours here Friday night. Bad weather
  10. brownIEman

    brownIEman Well-Known Member

    hmmm, just a thought, but did it ever occur that maybe a bunch of people calling in is what makes bad days, bad days?
  11. New Englander

    New Englander New Member

    Happens with much less frequency then because of the numbers being off.
  12. Bubblehead

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    "Do what i do.Save occurances and on predictible bad days where you know you may have to stay forever,call in"

    Why miss out on the hours of pay calling in. If I wanted to go home I'd just leave. A person can become ill at any given moment. It's a card that must be played properly and not in excess. I prefer intestinal difficulties. Avoid symptoms that could lead to DOT difficulties such as dizziness, headaches, etc.

    What is that saying one of you posters have at the bottom of your page?
    Lack of planning on your part doesn't constitute an emergency on my part. That sums it up.
  13. Cementups

    Cementups Box Monkey

    I had a personal day off so i couldn't tell you what ours was like.
  14. dannyboy

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    Maybe just maybe you missed the PCM. You know, that boring little meeting in the morning? The one where the sups told drivers to call in when they got done, so they could level the dispatch and get everyone in clean? And those drivers that wouldn't, headed back to the building at 4 while others stayed out til 10+ and still missed deliveries........? And you wonder why they had you stay?

    Seen it happen too many times in the past.

    And yes, I am sure you would take a code 5. And i am sure the other drivers that put in long hours would have too, but that is not the point, now is it.

    So while I dont understand the reference about playing santa on friday night being out of town, I think you will find that there is a perfectly logical explanation as to why you were told to sit around and not leave for a while.

  15. Cementups

    Cementups Box Monkey

    And you know, after thinking about this......

    At the front of our building there is a door. I heard a rmor that it swings the other way and you are more than welcome to leave at any time without any requirement of returning. You reserve the right to leave anytime you want. just be prepared for them to not let you back in.
  16. Channahon

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    I'm assuming there were no reload or twilight hub operations, as UPS opted not to make any pickups on the day after Christmas this year. Where in the past, the day after Christmas, although usually light on delivery volume, was a normal pick up day.

    And I would think that new decision was based on this horrible economy and consumer spending.

    So the only option to scan packages and reload them into a retained trailer, to continue to provide visiblity on customer packages on UPS.com, was to use the drivers who either requested 8 hours, or had hours available as not to violate any hours of service during peak.

    Not a good plan, but I'm sure someone in the Corporate, Region and District IE came up with this plan.
  17. Scotsman

    Scotsman Scotsman

    "I think you will find that there is a perfectly logical explanation as to why you were told to sit around and not leave for a while.." you say......

    The logical explanation was... "It was for Political reasons".....

    Now there you have it. It all makes sense now!

  18. Channahon

    Channahon New Member

    What political reason?

    The name of the game it to deliver the packages, get the packages in system to where it needs to be, and if that means getting management on the road, to get the packages delivered. that is what UPS will do.

    They have done it in the past, and will do it again with union approval. How else can the packages get delivered after a huge backload that the weather created?
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  19. Paid-over-in-Maine

    Paid-over-in-Maine 15 more years of this!

    I was off that day so I'm not sure what went on in my Blg. But I will say that what Danny says in this post is what happened to me on the 24th. Everyone was told to call before returning to the building to make sure there were no letterboxes left to pick up. Wouldn't you know that the guys that were supposed to get them didn't. So after battling truck problems, to the point of the mechanic bringing me a different truck, I had to go to and pick up the slack for the other drivers. P/O at 8:30 then was late to a party. Just another day at UPS
  20. soberups

    soberups Pees in the brown Koolaid

    It was just your center. I work in a different center in your building (Tualatin) and we didnt have to sit in the office....mainly because anyone who got done before 7:00 got sent to help those who still had stops. I wound up working almost 13 hours that day, and I still brought stops back.