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    That time of year again. I just can't believe the things said to employees to get them to fill the paper out the way management wants it done. We have soft drinks each week for everyone bought out of the safety money. Last week we were told that those who contributed would continue getting free drinks, those who didn't would have to start paying for theirs. LOL! Really? Talking down to employees to get them to pledge more, etc. Ridiculous.
  2. raceanoncr

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    Either way, looks like I won't be getting soft drinks again. Damn!
  3. Pip

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    Can't say anybody has ever hounded me one way or the other. Sounds like it might be different in other buildings. My supervisor knows I do a good bit of charity work else where, so maybe that is why I've never really been badgered over it.
  4. over9five

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    I will not be donating this year.

    The past two years, I have donated more because they said, "If you give at this level, you will be able to get cool discounts on lots of things". Well, that never happened. This year there was even a card with a web address to get your cool discounts. Filled all that out, still nothing.

    Nothing against United Way, I just don't like being lied to.
  5. UnsurePost

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    You should quit UPS, not the UW, by that reasoning. :biting:
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    Doesn't their CEO make something in the neighborhood of $400K a year?
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    Management pressures us into donating in our building. I don't care for it, i'm a part timer who doesnt have much money. A few years ago I gave 75 cents a week, lol. When my sup saw I was only giving that much she gave me the evil eye.

    They try to sweeten the deal by telling the part timers if they donate 3 or 5 dollars a week they will be entered into a drawing to win a Nintendo wii. 156 dollars a year is a lot of money for a part timer who is constantly being yelled at to get off the clock because they are 3 minutes over their 3.5 hour garuntee.

    But I guess I shoudlnt complain too much, last year I signed up for a 3 dollar a week donation and I ended up winning the Wii!
  8. tieguy

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    There should not be any prizes for giving to the united way. The prize should be a good feeling inside knowing that you're helping those less fortunate then yourself.

    The prize should be a thank you to god that you yourself did not end up being or having the child that was born with those birth defects or the person afflicted by any number of diseases that afflict us in life.

    The prize should be a committment to help erradicate that disease that took a loved one.

    Don't let us cheapen that good inner feeling by offering you some dumbas game console.
  9. rod

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    I believe it was more like $600 thou. We used to get a kick out of the UW representitive pulling up to our center every year in her new Lincoln Towncar beggiing for a handout.
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    I remember some years ago a VP for UW spent like 80,000 to remodel his office.
  11. Roll Tide Roll

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    I don't give to United Way because Planned Parenthood (the largest abortion provider in the nation), is a UW agency. I also believe that giving should be done through the Church so that Jesus Christ gets the glory, not me or UPS. Trust me, I have been called into the office to explain why I don't give. I give the same explanation, not because its any of their business, but as a witness. I dont think half of UPSers have a clue what theyre giving to, it just makes them feel better about themselves to do it.
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    I stopped donating a few years after I was hired. I don't believe that an employer should hint or press an employee as to where their dollar should go in regards to charity.

    Not that anyone asked but my family donates to our church, girl scouts (2 daughters), library, and I like giving a little to any and all armed forces charities.

    When I go to work I simply don't expect to be asked to give more.

    Just because managment is strong-armed into how they should act doesn't mean the people making the money for the company should be as well.
  13. pickup

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    I agree, there should also be no recognition for donating either. In other words, ups should just collect the dough and donate , on the conditions of anonymity. They should ask United Way not to disclose the donor or amount and ups should also make sure that they do not mention the donation in any press releases. After all, only god would know and he would surely bless the company for such good deeds.
  14. porkwagon

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    Good idea. I agree
  15. tieguy

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    If thats all that is stopping you then select a charity you do feel good giving to.
  16. tieguy

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    If you want people to help charities then you make it easy for them to do so. United way and UPS is the means to make it easy for people to support their favorite charities.
  17. tieguy

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    For the ninth consecutive year, UPS (NYSE:UPS) and its employees have led the nation in supporting the annual United Way campaign.
    With more than 249,000 individuals participating, UPS employees and retirees pledged more than $53 million to United Way during this year's campaign, more than any other participating company. UPS's matching contribution, to be determined early next year by The UPS Foundation, is expected to push UPS's total donation for 2008 over $60 million.
    Last year, UPS's total contribution to United Way after calculating the company's match totaled $60.8 million. Since 1982, including this year's pledges, UPS and its employees have donated an astonishing $924 million.
    "Year after year, UPS continues to raise the bar in terms of generosity and an unwavering commitment to community," said Brian Gallagher, president and CEO of United Way of America. "At a time when the need around the world, and at home, has never been more compelling, UPS and its employees responded and are changing lives. We couldn't be more proud of our partnership with UPS and of the opportunities we're creating together for a better life and brighter future for everyone."
    In addition to financial contributions, UPS employees and their families also volunteered their time and talents to their communities, donating more than 900,000 hours of time through Global Volunteer Month and UPS's Neighbor-to-Neighbor program. The latter is a company-wide volunteer initiative that matches employees and their families with volunteer opportunities based on their interests, skills and availability. UPS also donates loaned executives to several local United Way affiliates across the country.

    I see an article that recognizes employees for giving and ups for matching their contributions.

    Doing so not only helps UPS's reputation it also encourages other companies and organizations to get involved in helping their communities.
    I can guarantee you that fdx would like nothing better then to beat us in soliciting funds for their community.

    The press release therefore fosters competition in charitable giving.
  18. Bubblehead

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    The UPS Foundation recently cancelled the Gift Matching Program for our employees.
    Where's the love in that move?
    If it doesn't translate into a good commercial or press release I guess it has no purpose with corporate.
  19. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I participate every year in the United Way fundraiser. The weekly payroll deduction allows me to donate more than I would be able to if I had to write a single check. My donation ($25/week) goes to our local Hospice. I don't do it for the recognition--I do it because our job gives us the opportunity to help those less fortunate. Yes, I do take advantage of the tax write-off, but that is not the purpose behind my donation. The folks at the Hospice do a wonderful job not only for the patient but for the family members in helping them make their final days as pleasant as possible.

    We just had our presentation yesterday and were told that we were #5 in our region for total donations last year.

    I agree with Pip--I have never been pressured or badgered, but I do know of others who have experienced this in my center, which is a shame because the decision whether to donate or not should be a personal one. On the other hand, deciding not to donate simply because you are :censored2: at your boss or UPS does not hurt your boss or UPS but hurts the agency which would have received your donation.
  20. NHDRVR

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    I have no issue with an employer picking a charity to be involved with. I am simply pointing out the strong-arming that is used on both salary/hourly employees. Pulling someone in the office to ask why they chose not to donate??

    Very bad form...