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    It is that time of year again for the annual United Way pledge drive. We had our kickoff PCM on Thursday. They brought in 3 speakers--the first two were brief but the 3rd seemed to forget that we had to go to work that day. The PCM lasted 15 minutes which really put us behind the 8-ball with the air. They used to start us early but haven't done so in the past few years.

    I urge everyone here to remember that we all have good paying jobs with excellent benefits and that unfortunately there are more than ever who do not. The need for assistance is greater than ever.

    I also realize that there are some of you who have mgt teams who do not use the right approach when "asking" for donations, preferring to strong-arm their employees or guilt them in to either donating for the first time or increasing their donation from last year.

    Please set aside any personal feelings that you have for the company when considering whether or not to donate to United Way.

    You can pledge online at upsers.com if you prefer to keep your decision or donation amount to yourself. The list of participating agencies is there, listed by state.

    UPS has continued it's 15% match of all donations. We still have the option of designating a specific agency that we want our donations to go to.

    Depending on your personal situation, your donation (less the match) may be tax deductible.

    I prefer to donate through United Way as I would be hard-pressed to write a check for the full amount of what I pledged but can comfortably afford the weekly payroll deduction, which will begin in January 2012.

    I personally challenge those of you who donated last year to increase your donation this year and for those of you who have declined in the past to reconsider and donate this year. I personally increased my donation by 2/3.

    As I said above, saying "no" because you think you are sticking it to UPS is in actuality sticking it to someone who could truly use the help that your donation could bring to them. Dave.
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    My center manager called last night. One of the things discussed was the United Way donation. He asked if he could up my donation as it will be a while before I am back to work. He said that, if I wanted, when I get back I can have him lower it. I have a feeling he isn't to concerned with the helping part, more like the bonus part. I don't really care about that part, though. My uncle "dated" the local chair for years when I was growing up. She is very nice. I think of her when I am donating, as I know she will put it to good use.
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    Wow, you increased it by 2/3? If I remember correctly, you were already making a substantial donation.

    I will increase mine as well (But I won't be up to what you give!)
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    What in the world does upping your donation have to do with not being able to RTW????
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    My lead went around with my sup and I signed up at $3 a check. We also had a local national top notch cancer hospital come by to redirect those funds to them, they gave us cool pens and all the unloaders sorters and so forth were just damn happy.
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    How the heck do I know? I guess it looks good on paper that I would give x if I was working? I don't have a clue. I know he was upset when our the Morristown driver(one of the four drivers that was waving to the other three at that intersection) retired. He gave $80 a week.
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    I am just about through with my Dave Ramsey Money Makeover and will be debt free (other than my mortage) in a month or two. I would rather not give my contribution amount but let's just say the company match is $390--you can do the math.
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    Wow! Thats a BIG contribution!
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    As I remember, Dave Ramsey (and now Dave) stress giving to charity as one of the responsibilities of a person once they get their house in financial order.
    Nice jobs Daves.
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    Since shes off work and not receiving a check she will not make these weekly donations. Remember these are weekly donations so she doesnt have to catch up the weeks missed when she returns. It sounds like the manager is trying to pad his yearly contributions knowing that he has already talked to her about lowering them when she does return to work.
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  12. Monkey Butt

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    Yep ... working the system.

    I wonder how much that is pledged actually winds up actually being donated?

    Wonder which one UPS matches too? Probably the pledge.
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    I never even thought about that. Eewww. That isn't right. But, sounds typical of my center. Arghhhh!!!
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    ..i prefer to donate to local families in need through my church,and hate being "strong armed" and questioned why i dont give by my management team..if it happens again this year i think i will take it up with corporate about being harassed ..
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    This is why I chose to use the online pledge option so that I could donate in the privacy of my own home. I believe you can also use this to choose not to participate.
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    I donate online too, but don't tell my center manager until he begs a couple of times
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    I used to be one of the biggest contributors at my center until i found out that 70 cents or more of every dollar collected goes to expenses for united way. if you can refute this by posting a link, by all means do.

    the last 3 years I have given directly to my old boy scout camp. it's very satisfying to see 100% of the money going to good use.
  18. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    Do you really think that UPS would choose to work with a charity with that level of overhead?
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    I give to the United Way and ask that half go to The Ronald McDonald House. When my youngest was at the Mayo Clinic for a month, my wife and daughter stayed at the RMcD house for $15 per day. When they registered the people at the front desk said that, "we will make sure that you do not have to worry about a place to stay, you can focus on what is going on at the clinic."

    They did all that in spades.

    For those of you that do the same,

    Thank you.
  20. moreluck

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    I found stories that say anywhere from 2% to 70% go to the charities........here's a couple.

    How much of my gift really goes to help people?Approximately 85 cents of every dollar donated to United Way’s annual campaign goes directly to support agency services and other United Way programs that help people in need. Only about 15 cents helps support administrative and fundraising costs which, when added together with other non-campaign income, total about 19% of United Way’s total annual revenues. National charity watchdog organizations, meanwhile, report that 25 cents per dollar is average for operating costs, and that up to 40 cents is acceptable. United Way of the Upper Valley is consistently below the average, making efficient and effective use of your gifts to the annual campaign.

    I’m not going to contribute because too much money is spent on overhead like campaign expenses, and not enough money actually goes to United Way agencies.

    United Way of the Lower Mainland has one of the lowest fundraising costs in the country – 14 cents for each dollar raised (well below the Canadian average of 26 cents). 86 cents of every dollar raised goes directly to over 400 United Way supported programs and services. There are several reasons for this lower than average fundraising cost and the greatest is the existence of the Endowment Fund. This fund was established in 1943 with the bequest of one generous donor. That gift was then matched by nine additional donors creating a legacy that lives on today. Since then hundreds of people have contributed annually to the Fund that now exceeds $21,000,000.