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    Due to the great uncertainty and unhappiness employees are experiencing at our station, the vast mayority of couriers and CSA's have bond together and decided to cancel our paycheck deduction and contribution to United Way. Instead, we had decided to pledge directly with the entity, (anonymous and if one chooses to), but not through Fedex, were the company gets all the credit for our contributions. By doing this, we hope to send out a strong message and show that we are not the "happy family company" we used to be. I (we) encourage all employees to do the same at their respective stations.
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    BZ!! Give and volunteer generously, but NOT in the name of FedEx.
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    Yes..please give directly to your charity of choice..local charities are the hardest to scramble for funds...I help some local animal charities so know how low the funds get at times..UPS does the same with hounding employees to give too..'cuz the managers/supervisors/regional directors all get kick backs of some sort....Give to your local chapter of a small charity..every dollar goes to the cause..
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    When asked to contribute and you say no, they will ask you to sign a form that says you contribute $0.00. This way the company can claim they had 100% participation. That is what they are looking for. Please do contribute privately though.

    This is what I do at Brown.
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    yes, I definitely like this!
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    Have you seen the flyers around the stations about the United Way auction. Pull up the website on the flyers. One thing up for auction is Dinner with Fred. Starting bid is $100 dollars. I think we should pull our money together and enter MrFedex, lol. I would love to be a fly on the wall at that Dinner:happy-very:
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    I have never given to United Way. A Big Fat goose egg. Many of these companies are corrupt. Look what happened right after 911. 9/11 Charitable Scams I prefer supporting my local Animal Shelters and educating the public about good breeders vs puppymills, pet stores and backyard breeders.
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    I knew there was a reason I liked you Goldi, puppy mills breed missery and I have been fighting most of my life to close those places of horror. I've had several mill babies that lived out their lives with me. Very special dogs.

    As far as signing a UW form, you DO NOT have to do that any more. Starting this year, if you do not have a change in your UW donation, you do not have to log in and do anything.
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    Same here, have never givena cent to UW, have always recalled the problems they had years ago with where money was actually going, too much into the pockets of execs running it. I donte to local animals rescues, and other local charities, where I can see where my donations actually go to work. I also dislike how Fedex and many other corporations take public credit for the donations made by their employees.
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    Does anybody recall the 60mins story abt U.W.?????? Nobody knows where the donations actually go. Give to a charity of YOUR CHOICE. Not U.W.!!!!!!!!!!
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    The UW campaign is all about making FedEx look good to outsiders. The entire process is built on company/peer pressure to give. Why on Earth should anyone have to log in if they choose not to contribute? I haven't bothered logging in since my first year of employment at FedEx. Here are a couple of examples of my experiences with management in regards to the UW campaign.

    I once had a manager who pressured me to participate. I refused, explaining my position regarding the process in front of many witnesses. At some point following the campaign our work group was congratulated for having 100% participation. What??? Everyone in the room knew I didn't participate so someone was lying or falsifying.

    This same manager told me everyone in management was required to make a set-level (or higher) contribution to UW by FedEx. This upset the manager greatly due to the fact the manager was the religious sort and didn't like some of the charities the UW supported. The manager suggested that those who failed to contribute or meet the level of giving would be in hot water with upper management.

    I had a manager stalk me down the length of the sort insisting and then threatening me to participate in the UW campaign. I refused and explained my position. The manager got angry so I suggested the manager make a call to HR to see if I were required to go through the process. Don't know if the manager took me up on my suggestion or not since I wasn't asked again to participate.

    I've had numerous SM's ask me to participate. I've never had them ask me a second time after I've explained my position on the matter. I've never heard of anyone signing an "opt-out" form. There's really no need for it. If you don't want to participate the company really can't make you log in simply to say no. They're perfectly within their rights to ask you to watch a video and hand out some material on UW. Beyond that, no.

    I too, would encourage people to give privately to the charities you support on your own time.
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    If more people gave and helped out with the millions of dogs and cat in shelters, the numbers would change with how many are being euthenized everyday. Everytime I deliver to a house and hear a dog in the garage I call animal control, because of our Texas heat...Everyone of us can play a part, even while delivering our packages...Keep your eyes open and your phone near by.
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    What if I'm out there with the dog doing laundry and don't hear you? Or if I have a finished cool garage and you don't know about it. I say this because you won't be sure and you can really stir up a mess with civilians and authorities for no good reason. I know where your heart is, but you could be leaving an unneeded mess behind. I'm not sure I want my delivery drivers doing this. My wife in our case does dog grooming out of the garage (as well as laundry) we have a small cooling unit where the dogs wait for those hot days, for the dogs and my wife. You would never know and I'm pulling no legs here. You just stating that, hit me this way, because I could be that guy and we love dogs, so much we clean them up for their owners, we clean their sphincter glands to be quite blunt. That takes a special love.
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    I can see both points, but to be honest, a cooling unit in the garage is highly unusual. I would rather be safe than sorry. Here in TN as long as animal has shelter food and water, nothing will be done, unfortunately. Now I will bust a car window out if I see a dog or a cat locked in a hot car.
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    I disagree. Animal lovers should ALWAYS alert authorities when they suspect any cruelty may exist. Its the job of authorities to investigate-and determine if there is acual cruelty involved. Any decent person would appreciate that-even if in fact they were not being cruel in any way. My wife and I have been involved with horses (breeding, raising, training, etc) for nearly 40 years. We have both worked for Guide Dogs For The Blind, (breed, raise, train Golden Retievers) and also supply dogs to Search and Rescue places across the US. 2 have been supplied to Europe. Over the years we have rescued COUNTLESS horses, dogs, cats, chickens (that have been fought i.e. cock fighting). And its people like us who are adamant about the rights of animals-and the LACK of care and gross disregard so many people have for animals in their care.

    I understand what you are saying. Yet I totally disagree-
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    Thank you for doing everything you do for the animals. We are their voice. I don't consider myself an animal rights fanatic, I am all in for animal well fair. I have been doing rescue for over 25 years and sometimes it seems that it will never end. Oh, and Goldens are such a wonderful breed.
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    Im in middle TN. And on my rte in Murfreesboro, I saw ON A DAILY basis soooo many animals chained up, a liny bowl of water barely in reach-often empty cuz the dog spilled it. No shade, etc.......and the owners are "within the law". Its 100 degrees out, and 90% humidity in the summer. Its 30 degrees andwindy and cold as a witches tut (auto-correct!). I would pummel some owners if I knew I could get away with it. Thats just messed up-
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    AMEN +1
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    I have no problem and we have reported abuse when we seen it. Behind walls you cannot see through you are guessing and we all know how our angels love to cry/wine when they feel lonely. Anytime you alert authorities it's a PIA to those you are reporting and if you can't see you are causing trouble for no good reason, it's one of those "Guilty until proven innocent" situations. What happens the next time a driver drops off a package and hears another dog in the garage? Here we go again.

    +1 to raising horses, I grew up on a Paint-1/4 horse farm, breeding etc.
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    I know exactly how you feel, it makes me sick to my stomach. I am not a violent person, but I could really hurt someone when it comes to animals. Animal rescue is a never ending thankless job, but I know I will never be able to stop. I can't make a difference in this large cruel world, but I can make a difference for that one animal.