Unloaders, Do you unload with Integrity?

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    Do you always maintain proper egress?
    Do you always use you load stand?
    Do you always use the extendo the way it is designed to be used?
    Do you always containerize smalls?
    Do you always handle damaged packages and spills properly?

    Does your management team prevent or hinder you from unloading with Integrity?

    I am really interested in your views on this.

    Non-unloaders need not reply.

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    :sad-little:Boring !!!! Worry about your own Integrity or lack thereof !!!!
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    The last time I unloaded was the hottest day last summer and I unloaded with a lot of sweat. I think there was some integrity involved but a lot of SWEAT
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    And another thing. Hey Ms./Miss/Mr Integrity is coporate paying you to put this stuff on BC ? Please answer the question truthfully you integrity is at stake. LOL
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    Nope , in my hub , if you're in the unload , you're on the short list to get hurt.

    Supervisors move the problem, they don't fix it. If you think something is genuinely unsafe, but there is someone who does not, they'll move you and put the later of the two in there to avoid any "problems". Funny how these PT sups solve problems.

    If you want an unload stand, you gotta ask the TAW guy to stand up so you can have his chair.

    Help lifting irregulars = "here's someone to help pull them off the belt" --- how does that help me lift the 100 pounder?

    Lots of intermittent bull****, but a big negative on integrity.

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    This is a labor issue, it is on the wrong board.
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    A good unloader is worth his weight in gold.