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    MADISONVILLE, Ky. -- A UPS driver is recuperating after being injured by a lightning strike in western Kentucky.The Messenger of Madisonville reports that it is the second time Jeff Ewing has survived a weather-related scare while making deliveries. Nearly four years ago, Ewing was caught in a tornado as he was trying to finish his last few stops. At first, he held on to his truck as debris flew around him. But the wind pick up the truck and sent him flying in a different direction.On Wednesday, he was injured while stepping out of his truck. Madisonville Fire Department Maj. Todd Howard says it’s unclear whether Ewing was struck by lightning or if the bolt touched down near him.
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    I had that happen 15 years ago. not exiting a UPS vehicle obviously. It's very, very scary. Until you have had a bad exp with lightning you can't imagine how helpless and "dead" you feel afterwards.

    I hope he recovers quickly.
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    Will he be issued a warning letter and given more safety training? Also be required to answer the safety questions before returning to work.
    That's what would happen at my center.
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    I'm sure Jeff is just fine.
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    I'm sure the boneheads in management will punish him for failing to follow the 8 keys to avoid getting struck by lightning.
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    LMAO, Dizzee. Nicely done.
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    Obviously he didn't expect the unexpected!
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    Driver should have seen the lightning bolt coming and stepped out of the way by walking at a brisk pace as trained.

    Now to the important question: Is the package car OK?
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    Maybe now with the diad and gps, the overseers now know where a driver is at any given moment. Using advanced techology ups might be able to send a lightning bolt where the diad says it is at , for the purposes of giving a driver the scare of his life or for the purposes of :knockedout: killing or disabling him.

    Think of the joke that will be played on him when he gets back. Every other driver will say "Hey, pal" while mockingly keeping their distance from him
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    Interesting story from a scientific viewpoint. He got nailed while stepping out of the truck. I wonder if he grounded the circuit so to speak , by stepping on the ground (literally grounding the circuit) making the lightning more attracted to him and the possibly statically charged package car.

    I was once walking through the streets of my neighborhood when a particularly vicious thunder/lightning storm was approaching rapidly from the west. Each passing minute brought the lightning closer and closer and I can see the hits (buildings, etc). Then another lightning bolt hit within a stone's throw of where I was. The light and the sound were simultaneous which indicated how close it was . At that moment, I felt a slight shock on my forehead. I had to grab a street sign post just to keep my balance as the shock unbalanced and disoriented me. I can only imagine what it felt like for this poor fellow
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    "Can you finish your route?"
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    Not to mention the packages. If a package gets damaged, he'll have to pay for it. He should have kept the packages safe. It's all his fault.
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    Dizzee, you just crazy, boy!! And Over, I actually wonder how long into the phone conversation before that question was asked. I would like to know also how the driver is feeling a day later. Glad we don't have lightening/thunderstorms in most parts of Cal. Wish we had lightening bugs though. They are kinda cool.
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    This guy survived a tornado AND a lightning strike? He needs to start playing the lottery because hes already beaten the odds not once but twice:greedy: Hope he's in good shape
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    Well at least he wont get written up for not using 3 points of contact.
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    A couple of years back i had a bolt hit a field as i was driving past it, no more than 100yds away, felt it thump right thru my body even while driving, cant imagine the power of one it if hit you or close to you
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    If he would have been holding a Omaha Steaks package he could have gone above and beyond by delivering them fully cooked. That's what I call full service.
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    the ancients postulated that there were four elements: earth , wind, fire and water. Based on what this guy went through, all he needs now to experience is an earthquake and a flood in order to "hit for the cycle"(baseball reference) I think the lightning was the equivalent of hitting a triple in terms of the odds of experiencing that.