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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by blakerben, Aug 11, 2018.

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    I used my last option day on July 25th and when I checked my Time sheet the following day it showed up on there. However, the option day was not on the next week’s check. I told my part time SUP about it on Monday July 31, and he said he’d talk to the full time SUP. I also told him that if it was ok, that I would rather just keep the option day for later use instead of being paid for it. The next day my pt SUP said the full time SUP told him he had to pay it out. I was ok with that and told him that’s fine. I’ve received two paychecks since that conversation with neither one showing the option day. I have checked on upsers.com to see if any other checks have been issued, which there haven’t. And it still shows I have 1 option day left on my time off viewer and on my check stubs. If 10 business days pass and I am not paid for that option day, can I contractually use that option day on a future date? Similar to the 10 days to file a grievance or be disciplined.
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    Yes. Just request another day.
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    Next time don’t say anything if you just want to save the day.
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    I scored an extra week of vacation that way! They didn't pay it so I kept quiet and 3 weeks later scheduled another week off which was really nice. I get plenty of hours so I didn't mind.
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